Welcome to Hamptworth class

Year 5

Teachers: Miss Alice Bignell and Mrs Cathryn Malmberg

TAs: Mrs Sue Wheeler-Osman, Mrs Emma Coleman and Miss Laura Zanetti


Hamptworth Class proudly sponsors the Snow Leopards of the Himalayas!

We are certified Snow Leopard protectors. We are helping to prevent population decline as well as the destruction of their habitats and food sources. 

Term 3: Mission to Space!

This term's curriculum letter - feel free to download this for your own records. 



End of Year 5 Expectations; Parent Leaflet - Year 5.pdf

Please remind yourselves of our home learning expectations below! 

Home-learning expectations:

Reading - All Year 5 children are expected to read their own choice of book independently (and regularly to an adult) a minimum of three times each week.  Most children choose to read daily! Copies of 'First News' are available in school to borrow and via First News iHub.  We also encourage membership of the local libraries and use of the school library.

They should record the pages read in the homework diary and get an adult to sign/vouch for each week.  

Children will be assigned a Guided Reading book which they will need to read a portion of each week and answer comprehension questions which will then be discussed the week after. Their Guided Reading activities are stored in a named plastic folder. 

Organisation - All Year 5 children are expected to have their green 'Reading, Spelling and Homework Diary' in class daily.  We recommend they use a document folder to help with organisation. Pencil cases and personal stationary items are allowed in class on Fridays only but should stay at home for the rest of the week. 'Squishies' are permitted on Friday afternoons provided they are suitable - no balls are permitted in the classroom no matter how 'squishy' due to the presence of the fish tank.  

Please note that any personal items of monetary or emotional value must be checked in at the office if for any reason they must be at school. 

PE will usually be Monday and Thursday afternoons. Kit should be washed at least once a week. It is ideal if the children have two pairs of socks so they do not have to re-use the same pair of socks for both lessons. 

Children should expect timetable changes, extra practice sessions and clubs – so should HAVE PE KIT IN SCHOOL DAILY.  Each Monday make sure your child has the correct kit (shin pads etc) for the week ahead. Children that do not have the correct kit will receive a tally and this will be carefully monitored in case of 'repeat offenders.' Spare kit is very limited. 

Mouth guards should be regularly brushed with a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove any built-up debris, before rinsing in hot water. The case should also be cleaned regularly. 


Homework This Week!

Homework set Friday 9th February for Tuesday 20th February

Please complete at least three activities on First News, three games (to Gold level) on ActiveLearn and take the time to familiarise yourself with Purple Mash. 

All logins are recorded in your green homework diary. 


Spelling Suitcases: To be tested Friday 23rd February.

Times Tables: 3's, 6's and 9's. 

Read to an adult at least three times a week! 


Guided Reading:

Sharks: For Monday - 'Kensuke's Kingdom' second batch of questions. 

Stingrays - For Wednesday - 'Artemis Fowl' second batch of questions. 

Bettas: For Thursday - Read 'The Wreck Of Zanzibar' second batch of questions. 

Arowanas: For Friday -  Read 'The Butterfly Lion' second batch of questions. 

(Answer in your blue books) 


We are taking part in the Primary Scratch Jam 2018 at Trafalgar School!

Further details: https://sites.google.com/trafalgar.wilts.sch.uk/scratchjam2017/home 


WHAT: Create something on Scratch that shows off your creativity and coding skills.

There are no rules other than that your creation must include each of the four areas of coding; variables, input/output, loops and decisions. 


We will be having our first 'heats' in March but this is an excellent opportunity for your child to start designing and experimenting with different builds. 


#CodeWar2018   #PrimaryScratchJam2018


A note on homework: Please ensure your child has A4 lined paper and a suitable blue pen to write their homework with in accordance with school policy. Typed homework is perfectly acceptable provided it is organic (ie, not copied and pasted) The expectation of the standard of homework is the same as that at school.


This Term; Important Dates and Events!

Friday 19th January - Hamptworth Forest Friday "The End of the World is Nigh!"

Thursday 1st February - Trafalgar Maths Workshop 

Trip to Winchester Science Discovery Centre and Planetarium - TBC