Brambles Year 6 

Miss Caroline Morland

Mrs Kate Price (supply cover 1 day a week)

Supported by Mrs Emma Coleman

Sport with Mrs Jane Hayward

Our Parent information:

Term Curriculum Letter - Incredible Invaders and Settlers unit runs from the end of November through to January

Incredible Invaders and Settlers coming soon

End of Year 6 Expectations

Ongoing home-learning information and organisational details:

  • Individual reading /or to an adult minimum 3 times per week—daily if possible. Independent use of First News app/ iHUB  also encouraged.  Please sign your child’s reading card.
  • Individual maths (number facts) target work as directed by teacher. Independent use of Mathletics and Purple Maths encouraged.
  • Regular spelling revision and learning of Year 5/6 spelling target words as directed by teacher.
  • Regular punctuation and grammar tasks - Year 6 use
  • General piece of home-learning relating to a specific curriculum subject (Maths/English/Science/Topic) when appropriate .

Written details will be in the Home-learning Journal and on this class website page. 

Current Home - Learning Tasks for the week ending 07/12/18

Dear Y6 families – with this super hectic Christmas time approaching we are stretching  the home-learning out over the next month.  Please see each section below to help you organise yourself.

Task - CHRISTMAS MATHS BOOKLET - due on 7th January 2019, I have given each child a book of maths problems.  

Well done on all your Anglo Saxon legend preparation.  Your FABULOUS designs for hero and beasts will be written into their own story next week.  Nothing new for topic.

Spelling - We did our spelling test this week, so you all know what you need to learn for the test at the end of term Wednesday 19th.  Errors + next cases (if in doubt check my note in your English book).  

Walk click here

Jog click here

Run click here


Please read a minimum of 3 times a week (15mins a session) ideally daily and have your card signed.  Do not record your guided reading on the card as that is separate.

Rowling (Monday): 'Bootleg' - Alex Shearer nothing new

Horowitz (Wednesday): 'Skellig' - David Almond nothing new

Cowell (Thursday): 'There's a boy in the girl's bathroom'-  Louis Sacher nothing new

Paver (Friday): 'I was a rat!' - Philip Pullman nothing new

Grammar and Punctuation - none

Maths facts - No new arithmetic papers now 'til January

Ongoing Maths Passport targets - Test next week 

Additional home-learning opportunities - Active Learn and Mathletics games have been assigned for you to consolidate 

A slideshow of images throughout the year will be here: