Brambles Year 6 

Miss Caroline Morland

Mrs Deb Mockford (Friday and Thurs pm sport with Y5/6)

Supported by Mrs Emma Coleman

Our Parent information:

Term Curriculum Letter - Incredible Invaders and Settlers unit runs from the end of November through to January

Incredible Invaders and Settlers coming soon

End of Year 6 Expectations

Ongoing home-learning information and organisational details:

  • PE Thursday and Friday - please make sure all pupils have winter PE kit and football boots for Thursday at the rec in Term 3.
  • Individual reading /or to an adult minimum 3 times per week—daily if possible. Independent use of First News app/ iHUB  also encouraged.  Please sign your child’s reading card.
  • Individual maths (number facts) target work as directed by teacher. Independent use of Mathletics and Purple Maths encouraged.
  • Regular spelling revision and learning of Year 5/6 spelling target words as directed by teacher.
  • Regular punctuation and grammar tasks - Year 6 use
  • General piece of home-learning relating to a specific curriculum subject (Maths/English/Science/Topic) when appropriate .

Written details will be in the Home-learning Journal and on this class website page. 

Current Home - Learning Tasks for half term. 

I know lots of you are away on holiday and so the activities below are for two weeks or even longer.....don't panic if you've lost login details I will be doing Homework Club sessions in school as normal.  Have a super break and let's all get better from those germs.  Stay Safe!         xx Miss M

Optional Task - BBC 500 Words Competition participation (I'm happy to proof read)

Half Term Topic/Science Project - Mrs W and Miss M would like you to find out about an animal at risk - or already - extinct.  Create your own way of presenting your project. Is the threat of extinction due to climate/habitat changes OR man OR species weakness. Can you include a classification key for this animal? Suggested time allowance is 2 hours max - (Max 5HP for project)

Spelling - You all have the next case/cases and errors to be learning. 

Walk click here

Jog click here

Run click here

In addition, here is the follow up list from any errors you may have made in practise SATs paper if you wish to consolidate.

Christmas spelling consolidation

Valentines spelling consolidation


  • GUIDED READING - I have reset you all to the correct level for you when using First News iHUB.  Over half term I have assigned a range of animal theme news activities from the last two years.  All of these will build up your topic theme understanding for animal conservation/extinction.  Do what you can/wish to. HP for every task you do.
  • Please return Term 2 reading books to school as you should have now finished them.
  • INDEPENDENT - Please read a minimum of 3 times a week (15mins a session) ideally daily and have your card signed.  Do not record your guided reading on the card as that is separate.
  • *****Outstanding BLOG task to be finished ****** Please have a go at getting on Reading Cloud - we know there are problems.  Also Purple Mash.  We are trying to find a good place to write short blogs about the books we have enjoyed.  To be on the safe side also email it into and we will build a reading blogging page for our website if Reading Cloud does not work.  

Grammar and Punctuation - Finish the Term 3 revision of Year 3 curriculum using  I've set you Grammar tests to do - suggestion of one a week as there are 25 questions in each.  

I will be closing access to the Year 3 tests on Friday 2nd March to review your answers.HP for every completed test

Now I've also set Year 4 curriculum revision as above.

I will be closing access to the Year 4 tests at the end of March to review your answers.HP for every completed test

Maths facts - Two tests coming home for Half term - due  March 2nd.  I will only be able to upload a soft copy later in holidays

Ongoing Maths Passport targets - updated for half term

Additional home-learning opportunities - Active Learn and Mathletics games have been assigned for you to consolidate fractions and decimals. 

The activities on Mathletics have been set to close on the 29th March