Brambles Year 6 

Miss Caroline Morland

Miss Juliet Mosney (supply cover 1 day a week)

Supported by Mrs Emma Coleman

Sport with Mrs Jane Hayward

Our Parent information:

Term Curriculum Letter - Believe in Yourself

End of Year 6 Expectations

Ongoing home-learning information and organisational details:

  • Individual reading /or to an adult minimum 3 times per week—daily if possible. Independent use of First News app/ iHUB  also encouraged.  Please sign your child’s reading card.
  • Individual maths (number facts) target work as directed by teacher. Independent use of Mathletics and Purple Maths encouraged.
  • Regular spelling revision and learning of Year 5/6 spelling target words as directed by teacher.
  • Regular punctuation and grammar tasks - Year 6 use
  • General piece of home-learning relating to a specific curriculum subject (Maths/English/Science/Topic) when appropriate .

Written details will be in the Home-learning Journal and on this class website page. 

Current Home - Learning Tasks for the week ending 19/10/18 (updates in bright sky blue this week)

No PE  week commencing 22/10

Reading - Reading Record Card for Week 8 2 days being included in after half term check (TWO WEEKS WORTH) so make sure you have extra cards for all that holiday reading

Rowling (Monday): 'Bootleg' - Alex Shearer - QUESTIONS

Horowitz (Wednesday): 'Skellig' - David Almond -QUESTIONS

Cowell (Thursday): 'There's a boy in the girl's bathroom'-  Louis Sacher - QUESTIONS

Paver (Friday): 'I was a rat!' - Philip Pullman -Read Chapter 2 -New questions coming Monday for holiday as someone walked off with Miss M's copy of the book!  


Spelling - target suitcases now at home to learn for after half term

Grammar and Punctuation - 

Maths facts - Arithmetic Test 2 has come home in Homework Journals to be completed for after half term.  Test 3 coming home for holidays 

Ongoing Maths Passport targets will be tested this week.

Active Learn and Mathletics games have been assigned for you to consolidate over half term

Task - none

A slideshow of images throughout the year will be here: