Brambles Year 6 

Miss Caroline Morland

Mrs Deb Mockford (Friday and Thurs pm sport with Y5/6)

Supported by Mrs Emma Coleman

Our Parent information:

Term Curriculum Letter - Survival of the Fittest

End of Year 6 Expectations

Ongoing home-learning information and organisational details:

  • PE Thursday and Friday - please make sure all pupils have winter PE kit and football boots for Thursday at the rec in Term 4.
  • Individual reading /or to an adult minimum 3 times per week—daily if possible. Independent use of First News app/ iHUB  also encouraged.  Please sign your child’s reading card.
  • Individual maths (number facts) target work as directed by teacher. Independent use of Mathletics and Purple Maths encouraged.
  • Regular spelling revision and learning of Year 5/6 spelling target words as directed by teacher.
  • Regular punctuation and grammar tasks - Year 6 use
  • General piece of home-learning relating to a specific curriculum subject (Maths/English/Science/Topic) when appropriate .

Written details will be in the Home-learning Journal and on this class website page. 

Current Home - Learning Tasks for Easter Holiday - everything due back by Thursday 25th April.  

EASTER BOOKLETS - you have all been sent home with a pastel coloured booklet.

Maths - Fraction, Decimal, Percentages revision pack and some sheets of co-ordinates and number facts.

English - Reading, SPAG revision pack


Reading - 

  • INDEPENDENT - Please read a minimum of 3 times a week (15mins a session) ideally daily and have your card signed.  Do not record your guided reading on the card as that is separate.
  • First News iHUB remains available for free use.

Grammar and Punctuation -  I've set you Year 5 Grammar tests to do on - suggestion of two revision tests a week now .HP for every completed test 

Spelling - You all have the next case/cases and errors to be learning.  Test as soon as we get back

Walk click here

Jog click here

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In addition, here is the follow up list from any errors you may have made in practise SATs paper if you wish to consolidate.

Christmas spelling consolidation

Valentine's spelling consolidation

Maths facts - Arithmetic tests 21-22 have been sent home 

Year 6 Arithmetic Test 1-12 (Autumn Term)

Year 6 Arithmetic Test 13-30 (Winter Spring Terms)

Ongoing Maths Passport targets - it is up to you now to know your number facts.

Additional home-learning opportunities - Active Learn