Oaks General Election – 2017

We spent most of the day finding out about the democratic process. We had 4 candidates who with their election team came up with a manifesto to improve Oaks Class. They came up with manifestos promises such at a TV Club, fun toys, fun lessons, less playtime and more maths. The candidate who won was Theresa May (aka Olivia) and she wanted the children to be happy and safe. We then had the opportunity to visit the real Polling Station at Landford Village Hall where we saw democracy in action.

Welcome back to school after half term. As usual the summer term is very busy. Our topic is 'Flowers and Insects' and we will be using our meadow as inspiration. The children have already painted a class display based on Vincent Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'.

Please do come and see us or book an appointment if you have any concerns or questions.

Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Twyman - 7.6.17

Here is our Parent Letter...

term 6 - insects and flowers 2017.doc

We have had a very busy few weeks. Here are a few pictures of a few of the things that we have been up to. 12.5.17


Welcome back to school after the Easter Holidays

We hope you have had a lovely break and enjoyed the amazing weather over the holidays. This is a short but busy half term and we have lots planned for the children to do.

We welcome Mrs Twyman to our class. She will be working on a Tuesday and Wednesday all day. Please come and say hello.

Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Twyman - April 2017

Buildings term 5 2017.docx

We have had a great few weeks enjoying spring and the new growth it brings. In particular the children have surpassed themselves in not only reading, but also writing their own poems. We have enjoyed the start of out 'Water' topic and next week we will reflect on how hard it is for some people in the world to get water. Comic Relief helps us raise much needed funds for these people. Don't forget your red clothes and cakes.

Welcome to Term 4

We hope that you had a lovely holiday. It is hard to believe that we are now half way through the school year. I will post details of our topic alongside the termly overview this week.

C.Whittaker and Mrs Lambert

Water world term 4 2017.docx

We have had a really brilliant term finding about the past and clues that help us answer questions. Here are some pictures of our archaeological dig, timeline investigation, printing roman patterns  and finally making a museum. 7.2.17

Time Detectives - Term 3

We had a brilliant day at Salisbury Museum yesterday. Many thanks to all the staff who made the trip so enjoyable. The children had  an amazing time here are a few things they noticed!


I noticed there were bits of broken pots - Olivia

Some of the pots had patterns on them - Isla

The floor was a Roman mosaic - Kyle 

I noticed the dog skeleton had teeth - Noah (Pines class)

This was a fabulous start to our history topic. We will be making museums so please save your shoe boxes for us to use:)

C.Whittaker - 17.1.17

time detectives Jan17.doc



We had a great time today programming the Bee-Bots. Zac and James worked brilliantly as a team to make sure their bee-bot went through the track.


Welcome to Oaks Class

Maths Passport

This week we have introduced the Maths Passport to the children. Please look in their Homework books to see which targets they are working on. All of the information was shared on the Information Evening last week. If you wish to know more please look at the Maths section of the website or see Mrs Whittaker



We have had a great week back in school. The children are getting very excited about Bonfire Night and we have been talking about keeping safe. Next week we will be finding out about the origins of this celebration. At then end of last term we had a great Forest Friday and some interesting science so I will post some pictures from then.


The outline of this terms work is in this hyperlink.

Yr2 T2 Celebrations.doc

C. Whittaker - 4.11.16

This week we have had a great time investigating 'Ourselves'. We have found out about how we changed as we get older. The children really enjoyed guessing who was who from the pictures of themselves as babies. We then investigated how different our hands were. We asked lots of questions and we collected data in different ways to answer these questions.

Oh and The Queen sent us a letter!




We have had a lovely few days in school with the children. They have settled in really well and are ready for year 2. Here are a few photographs we took this week.


Please come and see us if you have any questions or queries.


Thanks for your support - Mrs Whittaker, Mrs Powell and Mrs Scott


Sept 2016


Yr2 term 1 Information Letter 2016 Who am I.doc

Parent Leaflet - Year 2.pdf