School Council

Our school council comprises of two separate groups of children, each focusing on issues relating to both the whole school and their own school site.

Mrs Neale works with our school councillors at our Landford site and Miss Morland works with our Key Stage 2 councillors at Nomansland.


Key stage 2 (Nomansland):

Year 6 councillors:  Gemma, Evie J & Miles

Year 5 councillors:  Lucy & Jake

Year 4 councillors: Olivia & Zac

Year 3 councillors: Matilda & Noah J


Some of our current plans for the year are include an application for the 'Bog Standard' School Toilet Award, which would help us to improve the standards of some of our toilet blocks. We are also looking at how we fundraise and things that we can do to support local charities as well as helping others in the world.

We are also working hard to make our site the best it can be by promoting our school values, The Fruits of the Spirit. We are working closely with the Year 5 Playground Leaders to make sure that playtimes are as safe and as happy as they can be.

We are also going to make a suggestion box in school for children to write down any ideas, thoughts or worries that they would like school council to talk about and help with. 


Some of our actions this term:

  • Councillors to check cloakrooms at the end of the day.
  • Explain to the school we will have a TIDY FRIDAY!
  • Reminder in assembly about labelling uniform, being kind at playtimes and respecting other people's property.
  • Help to deliver the Harvest festival goods to Testwood Baptist Church.

Come and find our School Council board in the foyer, outside the Acorn room at KS2.

Updates and photos to follow...


Key Stage 1 (Landford)

Year 1 councillors: Herbie & Indi

Year 2 councillors: Eva & Austin


This year we would like to look carefully at our playground toys and equipment and work out what we already have and what might be useful to try and get. The school councillors are also going to be asking their classmates what they think about the toilet facilities and how we could try to improve them. Toilets often get overlooked but are a very important part of each day and having enough, clean toilets of the correct size can make a big difference to a day at school.