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  2. Thursday 1st March - Snow Warning

Thursday 1st March - Snow Warning

28 February 2018 (by admin)

As things currently stand, we are planning to open as usual tomorrow. I have been tracking the weather forecasts closely throughout the week and at the present time any potential snow due in our area is arriving partway through the morning.

I will be up early tomorrow to ascertain conditions and if any change to routine is required I will inform parents as early as possible. Because Breakfast Club starts at 7:30am I will aim to make any decision to change routines by 7am. I will only decide to close the school if there has been significant snow fall overnight causing a risk to the health and safety of pupils, staff and parents. Our staff travel to school from a wide variety of locations, so please be aware that there may be some flexibility over teaching arrangements tomorrow dependent on how snow affects our staff.

Looking at the forecast for tomorrow and Friday, we do have predictions of snow fall but at this stage it is very difficult to know what will happen. There is obviously a slim chance that we could be forced to close the school early and will make any decision based upon .

If we do need to make a decision to close at any point, we shall make parents aware through the usual communication methods of School Commas, telephone and the home page of our website. Please can you make us aware of any changes to communication requirement over the next few days.

We plan to continue with our World Book Day celebration tomorrow but request that all children have plenty of warm layers of clothing underneath their costumes. Please do not send children to school wearing shorts during this particularly cold weather.

Please check the school website as a first point of contact tomorrow as this will be the first place where we will publish information, prior to putting other communications into action.

Feel free to e-mail me with your own weather updates to help me understand the local weather picture.

Kind regards,


Paul Lailey
Head Teacher