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Good morning. If you are isolating today but are feeling well enough to work, please complete the tasks below!


First. please kick things off by watching and making notes on this virtual tour of Hampton Court Palace - the home of Henry VIII




Have a go at these fractions questions. Answers will follow later so you can have a look against your answers.

31.3.22 Good morning!


If you are isolating today but are feeling well enough to work, please complete the tasks below!


First of all, please spend some time researching Tudor life for our writing. See success criteria below.


Maths is below the writing success criteria. Download and work through the powerpoint, trying the questions on the resource as directed.


This afternoon, we are beginning our self-portraits in art - the PowerPoint is attached below. Work through the slides, considering 'symmetry' and 'proportion'. Don't worry about taking a photograph of yourself, instead, try looking into a mirror and copying your features on to a piece of paper.

There are some examples of self-portraits on the slides to give you inspiration!!



Good morning and happy Wednesday! If you are isolating today but are feeling well enough to work, please complete the tasks below - Miss P


Maths - similar to yesterday, download the PowerPoint (to access the interactive maths) and work through the bar model problems. How could you use a bar model as a problem solving strategy?


Writing  - describe Queen Elizabeth I (have a look at the resource below, the images will guide you). If you are unsure where to start, go back and have a look at the PowerPoint slides from yesterday and use the 'Describing a Character's Appearance' slides.


This Afternoon - Wednesday is PE day! Unfortunately the weather has now gotten colder and windier again, so stay inside and ONLY IF you are feeling well enough, try a Joe Wick's workout or simply put some music on and have an isolation dance partyyy!!




Good morning, if you are isolating today but feel well enough to complete work, then have a look below.


Maths - the maths today is all about bar models. Bar models are an important part of our journey as mathematicians in year 5. Simply download the powerpoint (so you can play it in full screen mode) and work your way through the problems, thinking about how a bar model helps you to solve these missing number problems.


When you have had a good look at these bar model questions (remember that they become more challenging as you go) please have a go at creating your own question which might use a bar model. It can be as simple of as complicated as you like, as long as it uses a bar model.


Writing - for writing today I would like you to follow the powerpoint. It asks you to describe Henry VIII and then to up level your description...


This afternoon - this afternoon we will be looking at the Easter story. I would like you to watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_E-3BqqeiU

and to find a way to retell the Easter story. You can do this in anyway that you like. You could: record a drama or short movie using props, lego, acting, animation (most smart phones may help you with this), create a comic strip, create a bit of artwork, create a powerpoint, create a written story etc !

All resources are below.



Good morning, if you are isolating today but feel well enough to complete work, then have a look below.


First is the maths where we will be using fractions as operators. Download and follow the powerpoint. Once you have done this, have a go at the questions. I have included another sheet so you can see how you did. We can discuss this when together when back in school.

Below this is a descriptive writing task based on historical settings from the Tudor age.

Below this is some history on 'Bloody Mary'



Good morning. It's Friday! I think you deserve to have some fun this morning.


This morning I would like you to be creative.


I would like you to create a treasure hunt for an adult in your home. Before we talk about what the clues must consist of, here's how it works:


You give them the first clue - if they solve it, it will send them to somewhere like the kitchen sink for the next clue. When they get to the kitchen sink, the next clue will send them to the TV (for example).


Here's the challenge / fun part:


Each clue must have one of the following type of questions attached to it which must be solved before they can move on:


  • A description of the next place or item which uses a simile, metaphor, personification or just powerful adjectives. For example, if I am sending them to the oven, I might write: burning hot breath like a dragon fills the space and the poor food has no way to escape! 


  • A mathematical problem. This could be as simple as a timestable question, a multiplication or division or even your own multistep written problem.

  • An historical quiz question about King John, the Apollo Programme or the Tudors.

  • A physical challenge. Can they stand on one leg or perform 10 star jumps?


Collect any evidence of the tasks as you can!


This afternoon, please use any time you have left to work on the Tudor projects that you have been sent. Today in school the children will also be having PE and reward time so please have an active afternoon if you can.


Have a wonderful weekend, I am looking forward to seeing you all again as soon as we can.


Mr Price



Good morning, happy Thursday.


Sending our best wishes if you are isolating



Because we have mixed numbers in and out of school and adults off too, we will continue with our fractions unit when we have more people back in!


For today, please find attached a new arithmetic quiz. Again check your answers and note the areas where you would like to focus. Always use a method and check your answers! Writing will follow underneath this again!!




Historical Fiction part two


The Tudor Period. What did it look like? What did it feel and sound like?


AN INTRODUCTION TO TUDOR ENGLAND (1485–1603) and creating a quiz.


Today we are going to start building up our knowledge and understanding of the Tudor period and I want you to try and pause to use your mind's eye to imagine each setting.


Work your way through the resources and make notes on things that might make good quiz questions. You will end up creating a quiz for your adults.


  • You can offer them multiple choices as answers to help them
  • Remember to use facts that they could work out or have a good guess at
  • Create 10 questions (this will be explained tomorrow)


Here are the resources and links but any online information or books that you have can be found!!!!








For this afternoon / projects to start


Below are three resources


  1. A powerpoint on the Tudor House. Can you draw a Tudor house accurately? Can you create a version and then think about what to improve before making the next version? Re-watch this https://vimeo.com/38247060 
  2. Build a Tudor house. Needs some equipment and adult supervision and completely optional! Do not use anything like a glue gun without adult supervision and try to use what you have in your home. This is optional and you do not need to go and buy anything - make your own version!
  3. Tudor recipes - again needs supervision and equipment and completely optional! 



Good morning, happy Wednesday.


If you are isolating today but feeling well enough please have a go at completing the tasks below.




Please complete these arithmetic questions and then look at the answers. Choose three questions that you would like to work on and make a note of them!


Scroll past the arithmetic questions for the writing task!



Writing for 23.3.22




WHat? WHatt? History and Fiction...together?


Historical fiction is the last genre that we will study before Easter. It is a very enjoyable form of creative writing which has a few key rules:


Setting - the story happens in a REAL PLACE IN THE PAST. This could be, for example, Ancient Rome, the Second World War or even the Tudor Period!


Characters - characters can be real historical characters or people that you have made up but they must fit with the time. The reader usually follows the character through the action. Lots of description needs to be used to show the reader that the character belongs in this time period!


The Plot - this is the really special part! The events of the story usually follow real historical events. If you are writing about a character in 1485 who goes to fight with Henry Tudor against Richard III, the reader will know the historical outcome already. They will know that Henry won and started the Tudor Dynasty but the fun comes in reading about your character and his role in the events! There will be problems to over come as with any story but this is the main requirement for the plot!



PHEW that was a lot of information. Your two tasks today:


  • Research historical fiction: have you read any or watched any on TV? Can you find any age appropriate examples?
  • Create Features of Historical Fiction poster detailing the points on Setting, Character and Plot above.

You can use any medium you like including using the computer!






Wednesday is PE day so if it is at all possible, please get that heart pumping. You can do a Joe Wicks inside or if you can get outside, you could do some exercise in the space you have.


Please also continue with your Tudor making project set yesterday!


Hope you have a good day!





Hello Year 5,

If you are isolating at home today and are feeling well enough to work, please complete the tasks below...

and come back soon, we miss you all! - Miss Perera :)


Maths - begin with the warm up questions, then read through the slides below and have a go at the example questions on some paper and return via the office.


Reading - research the genre of 'historical fiction', what can you find? Create a short list of books and make sure they are age appropriate please!


This afternoon, spend some time researching the vast range of Tudor props. We would love it if you could spend the afternoons over the next few days that you are off designing and building your own remake! You may choose to make the Tudor rose, a Tudor collar, a shield, a necklace etc etc


I look forward to seeing your creations once you are back, have a great day!



Good morning and happy start to the week!

If you are isolating at home today and are feeling well enough to work, please complete the tasks below.

Thinking of you all - Miss Perera :)


Maths - attached below are four general warm up questions. We are continuing with multiplying mixed numbers by integers, so work through the PowerPoint (download) and have a go at the questions.

English - Using the same structure that we used last week to write our own limerick poems, write a poem based on the life cycle of a frog. I have attached below the pattern/structure to use and a reminder of the stages of a frogs lifecycle.

This afternoon, guided reading - Read the poem 'The Launch' and work through the questions on the PowerPoint (download to reveal the missing line). Write your answers on a piece of paper.




Good morning and welcome to Friday. Today is a Forest Friday day so we will be doing something a little different this morning and this will be science!


All living things follow a life cycle specific to their species. Some are as short as a few hours or days while
others last for hundreds of years. Because it is a cycle, there is no start or end point, but rather a continuous
flow that includes fertilisation, birth, growth and reproduction. Some species produce offspring that are
very similar to the adult form, such as most mammals, birds and reptiles. Others produce a larval form that
undergoes a complete metamorphosis before emerging as an adult form that is capable of reproduction.


This morning I would like you to look at the following resources and research an unusual creature's life cycle. I would like you to create a small project around this animal using any medium that you are able to! If the animal has a jet pack on, that would be even better!


This afternoon I would like you to try to get some of your PE time by creating your very own exercise routine - see the sheet attatched below the science. After that it is usually your golden time and assembly so get something out to have fun with!


Science for project and PE will be below! Small maths task above that :) Mr Price.


Happy Thursday! Same again, if you are isolating today and are feeling well enough to work, please complete the tasks below and return via the office.

Hope to have you all back soon, Miss Perera







































Hello! If you are isolating today and are feeling well enough to work, please complete the tasks below and return via the office. Hope you are ok, Miss Perera :)

If you are struggling with the PowerPoint, try downloading it so that the numbers don't overlap!



Finally it is time to have some reward time, but I have got one more mission for you for the week...


We need some more art work for the RE board. We are studying Sikhism and it would be wonderful if you could create an image of Guru Nanak. You can chose a story from his life (the boulder, the snake, the river) and use any medium (paint, collage, Digital) that you like. This is optional but it would be great to have your home learning work up in the room!


Now that you have had time to look at the Bible stories and create an activity, we will be looking at short division.


Please watch this video https://vimeo.com/492054136 as a recap and then use paper to answer the practice questions below! Remember the exchanges! We will look at all this maths together next week too when you are able to be back.

Thank you for the work that you sent in, I am working at the KS1 site this morning but so looking forward to seeing it later.

Music and DT this afternoon.


I would like you think about how sound is created. How do we create vibrations in the air? Think about the designs that are used by traditional instruments.


Do you remember the guided reading text about the instruments made out of trash? Well we won't be using trash but today I would like you to create a design for your own instrument using items around your home. You will be making this later in the afternoon but I would also like to see a labelled diagram showing your plan and how the bits will work together and a prediction about the sound that will be made. Attached below are some diagrams to help along with some unusual instruments!


Remember: it doesn't have to be complicated as long as it makes a sound. and just use items that you find round your home !



Please watch this video carefully https://vimeo.com/492054136 as a recap for 'short division' then answer the questions below. Just use the questions as a guide and answer on paper!


Do them twice to check your answers. 


This afternoon I will be sending you some music and some DT!





Please see the powerpoint below. We are starting Science Fiction Writing! Read through the slides and complete the activities. Finally there are three stories being uploaded below the powerpoint which you can read through and make notes on the three key areas of science fiction characters, settings and plot!


Maths will be up for you shortly and we are moving on to short division!


 Apologies I did not attach the powerpoint and then went to sort out some rotas! Please see above for this afternoon. The ppt takes a moment to convert so I will check it too shortly so hold on if it takes a moment to upload :) 

Well done this morning I hope that you have completed your non-chronological report and had time to look over the maths.


For this afternoon I would like you to think about the question: How did Apollo XI make it to the Moon?

I would like you to read through and absorb the powerpoint below, thinking about how each of the images might answer this question. Watch the youtube links within the presentation. I would then like you to research the life of Margaret Hamiton. Can you create a powerpoint for the class?


Good morning!


For the first part of the morning I would like you to finish your independently written non-chronological report. It is good timing as we are also doing this independently to complete this unit!


When you have finished please edit and check spellings!


After this please look over this video: https://vimeo.com/492054019

This is a lesson which reminds us of remainders! We will be moving onto short division shortly but these two lessons are the foundation and explanation for exchanges and remainders for this method.


These maths videos were created with home learning in mind and I feel they are much more beneficial for one person and you pause etc.



This afternoon's work will be up later. Mr Price




Good afternoon. I hope you have had time to look at the maths video properly.


Below this text box there is now a science powerpoint for you to scroll through. Your mission this afternoon is to create a poster which shows a heliocentric model of our solar system (one with the Sun in the middle with the planets rotating around it). You can use any medium you like / have including paints but it needs to be colourful and informative!


I hope your writing is going well. Please watch this lesson on division. Ignore the mention of a worksheet. Absorb the video.





Good morning. Please remember that if you are feeling unwell, you do not need to complete work as you wouldn't for any time where you are unwell.

I will be sending over a maths video for you to digest later this morning but for the moment the first, and very important job that you have today is to write your non-chronological report. We will be spending a good amount of time on this in class over the next few days so I would like you to do the same. Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning will be mainly about this writing.


You obviously don't have your book so I attach the lesson powerpoints that we have used. If you feel you need more space facts, you can research them online too. Remember: the sections should be:

Title (clear and to the point)

Introduction to the subject - what is it

Subheading one and following paragraph

Subheading two and following paragraph

Subheading three and following paragraph

Paragraph to sum up the subject 

You can also add labelled diagrams and a fun fact box


I would really prefer it written rather than typed but this is alright too if that's what you can do.


Speak later and good luck I know it will be excellent!





If you are isolating today but are not feeling unwell, please complete the following documents!


Thank you, looking forward to having you back in.


Mr Price