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The New Forest C of E Primary School and Nursery

Pines Class, Year 1   

Welcome back to Term 4!






Monday- Live Phonics

Tuesday- Live Phonics 

Wednesday-  Phonics task

Focus: Tricky Word splat. Create flash cards of tricky words and spend time practising reading the words (discussing what makes the word tricky- the bits that you can't sound out using our phonic sounds) and playing splat! Lay the cards on the floor and get an adult or someone at home to read a tricky word. See how quickly you can splat the word with your hand. 

You might even ;like to see how many words you can splat in 1 minute!

splat the tricky words!

Thursday- Live Phonics

Friday-  Live Phonics


Knowing the alphabet and letter names is really important for this weeks learning. Practising saying letters names daily will be helpful as well as practising saying the alphabet using these letter names.

Monday- What? I can write sentences to show facts. 

Use the facts about mammals to create sentences. Remember to check that your sentences make complete sense. 

Session input and task

Tuesday- What?  I can explain using 'because'

Today we are going to develop our knowledge of using because to explain which groups animals belong to. Make sure you use facts to help you in today's learning.

session input and task

Wednesday -What? I know why titles and headings are important.

session and input

Thursday-  What? I can write my ideas into a final poster.

session input and task

Friday-  Handwriting- 

Today we will be learning about how to form letters 'u' and 'y'. These are both from the ladder handwriting family. 

u and y


Please note: In school we do not always complete our Power maths books everyday. This will be the same during remote learning. We do this so that we can be sure that children have a secure understanding of the learning. 

Please put the PowerPoints into Presentation mode so that you can see examples clearly when you open them!

Monday- What? I can compare numbers of objects

Please see today's lesson input and then complete the tasks in your Power Maths book Pages 64-66

Lesson Input

Extra challenge

Tuesday- What? I can compare numbers

Use your knowledge from yesterdays learning about comparing objects to help you with today's learning. You will be comparing numbers using < and >.  As a fun activity you might like to roll 2 die and create your own 2 digit numbers to compare!

Page- 67-69 in Power Maths books.

Wednesday- What? I can order objects and numbers

lesson input

Extra Challenge

Thursday-What? Counting in 2's 

Today we are going to explore counting in 2's! Use the number lines to help you. Counting in 2's is helpful and can help us to count objects quicker too! Once you have a look at the input complete pages 73-75

lesson input

Friday- What? Mathletics.

Log into your Mathletics account and complete the tasks that have been set for you.


Foundation subjects

Monday: Science

What? I can sort animals 

input and activities

Tuesday: PE

What? I can create animal movements.

Get your list of animals that you created last week and this time choose 5 different activities. Maybe you might like to choose letters of your surname. You then have to create a movement for each of the animals. Act like this animal for 30 seconds each. Try and make your movements energetic to really get those heart rates pumping!! 

List of animals if you have lost yours!

Wednesday:  DT

What? I can create a shelter

Last week you designed your own shelters. Today have a go at creating a shelter either inside or outside. Use resources that you have to do this. How are you going to make the shelter stand up so that you have space? How might you cook in it? Have a think about what you might need to take with you to detect different animals. I would love to see photos of you in your home-made shelters! It might even be a good place to do some quiet reading too!

Thursday: RE/ Science 

Last week you went exploring to find signs of spring.

Easter is usually associated with spring because of the signs of new life. Christians believe that Jesus died and rose again from the dead. Have a look at the story and sort the flashcard pictures.

Easter Story

Easter Story sequencing cards

Friday- Well being activities. 

well being activities.


Take a look at our love of reading page this week ahead of world book day!



Joe Wicks is back! He is running his PE with Joe on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm. Have a go!

There are also lots of other Physical activity channels on YouTube for children. 

BBC have also got their Super movers website which is great fun!


Collective Worship-

2:30pm with Mrs Whittaker 3 days per week

This will be via Zoom- more information will be shared about this via Class Dojo



Take time to practise your spellings. It would be good if you could test yourself on a Friday. It would be super to see how you are getting on with your spellings. Send me a photo on Class Dojo once you have marked your spellings. 

Some ways to practise spellings:


High Frequency word list.

These words are the most commonly used words. Practising these words are useful!

word mat

Common exception word list

If you would like some extra spellings to complete there are the Year 1 common exception word list. 

word mat