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Easter Holidays 2021

Hello Woodside

Please find below some suggested activities for the Easter Holidays. These are non-compulsory and are for you to pick and choose should you wish to continue with home learning during the Easter break. I will not be checking class dojo but I will be celebrate any completed work when the children return. 



Song of Sounds (kids version).mp4

We have introduced some more tricky words! Can you find them in these word searches? 

Week 19 GO wordsearch.pdf

Week 19 NO wordsearch.pdf

Week 19 SAW wordsearch.pdf

Week 19 TO wordsearch.pdf

Week 19 WAS wordsearch.pdf

The children have been revisiting all the digraphs we have taught this term. Can they put any of these sounds into words?

Extra Challenge: Put the words into a simple sentence

ck, qu, ng, sh, ch, th, ay, ee, igh, ow, ou, er, air, oy, oo, oo

Can you explore these websites?





Your child will bring home 4 reading books for the Easter holidays. It is very beneficial for children to read the same book more than once. It helps with sight recognition and also with fluency. The more your child reads it the more confident they will become!

Have a go at making your own book! Make sure it has a front cover with a title. What will your book be about? It could be a re-tell of a well known story.

Can you write a book review about your favourite books? What was your favourite part? Why? Who was your favourite character?

www.oxfordowl.co.uk is a free resource which has some more books should you wish to read more.

Iwww.teachyourmonstertoread.co.uk is offering a free trial.

www.twinkl.com have lots of reading material to choose from


Can you complete a diary of your time off? You could draw a picture and write a sentence every time your record in your diary.

Can you use your sounds to write a caption to match the picture?


If you fancy more of a challenge can you write full sentences with punctuation? (Capital letters and full stops)


Don't forget to practice your handwriting



Can you count in 2's? Count in 2's to 10 and then 20. Can you get further than 20?


Can you practice writing your numbers to 20? Make sure all your numerals are the correct way round.

t-n-4411-number-formation-activity-sheet-0-to-9-_ver_6 (1).pdf

Have a go at completing this workbook


Can you complete these number bond activity?


Discovery Tasks for the week

Have you thought about growing any fruit or vegetables this year? Could you pick some seeds to start growing ready to harvest in the summer?

Can your child identify the changes happening throughout spring?


Why do we celebrate Easter? We have taught this in class but it would be good to revisit.

An Easter Egg hunt - can you make clues for the children to read?

Can you spot these birds - click on the link below

Spring Birds.pdf

Choose a spring colouring to complete


Use your scissor skills to complete the cutting activity below


Play dough

Play dough is fantastic for all sorts of learning and especially for developing fine motor skills.

In phonics it can be used to make letters or to make objects that start with or contain certain sounds. It can also be used as sound buttons.

In maths it can be used to make counters, form numbers, make different shapes and order objects by size.

It is a marvelous resource and very easy to make:

2 cups of plain flour

1/2 cup of salt

1 cup of hot water

1 tablespoon of cream of tar tar

3 tablespoons of vegetable oil

Food colouring of your choice

Mix all together and it should last for a significant amount of time if kept in an air tight container

Try adding glitter or flavouring for a more sensory experience!