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Woodside EYFS Welcome back to Term 6! 

This page will list the weekly home-learning ideas for everyone in our class. 

Mrs Field will be available to help you each school day via the Class Dojo messaging function and will continue to send daily 'class story' posts. 

We ask that you continue to use Class Dojo portfolio function to send in:

  • photos of your learning.  It is not necessary that you send a picture for every page of work, however, we love seeing your progress and superb efforts,
  • video clips of you reading your book, 
  • video messages, journal (text) entries or photos, sharing what you are proud of both in your learning and your well-being activities (like new skills, achievements and exciting news) 

In turn, teachers will continue to post messages of encouragement to your portfolio posts.  

Remember we are all 'Learning together through friendship and faith'.

Below is a suggested timetable for this week which may help maintain a sense of routine:  
Suggested day  Session 1 Session 2 Worship and Reflection 'Assembly time' Session 3 Physical Activity  session Love of Reading session
Monday Physical activity  English/phonics Mrs Whittaker Maths  Discovery Time Read to an adult
Tuesday Physical activity  English/phonics Miss Morland Maths Discovery Time Listen to a story via  Love of Reading page
Wednesday Physical activity  English/phonics Worship through song Maths Discovery Time Read to an adult
Thursday Physical activity  English/phonics Mrs Whittaker Maths Discovery Time Share a story with someone 
Friday Physical activity  English/ phonics Miss Morland Maths Discovery Time Read to an adult

Remember all links are highlighted in yellow and underlined. 

Term 6 - Week 6&7 Monday 6th July - Friday 17th July 2020

Hello Everyone! We are so proud of all the work you have produced throughout our mini space topic - what a hard working class Woodside are! 

For the next 2 weeks our mini topic will be 'Dinosaurs'. We have got lots of exciting activities planned for you all and we hope you enjoy them at home and at school. Mrs Perry will be continuing to check Class Dojo each day and pass on any messages to us.

We wanted to share how impressed we have been with the children, the learning that has taken place has been fantastic! For those who are back in school we are so thrilled to have you back and for those at home we miss you and are so proud of your achievements. We are very lucky to have such a brilliant class! From us all in Woodside x



Navigate to Home Learning - Early Years.

Term 6 Week 6 is all about

 https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/early-years/ The Dinosaur that pooped a planet

Here are some Dinosaur math's activities to try if you have time. 

Sorting - For this activity you can use pictures or if you have any small dinosaur toys at home you can use those. Sort the dinosaurs using different criteria - those that can fly, have 4 legs, have 2 legs, carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, large, small... Can the children explain how they have sorted them? Are there any that overlap? 

Addition and Subtraction - As above you can use small dinosaur toys or pictures. Can you add the legs together? Use 2 -3 pictures/dinosaurs at a time. Get the children to record the number sentence first and then solve it. This can also be used for subtraction too. 

Data collection - what is your families favourite dinosaur? Draw a pictograph to collect the date and then let us know!

Measure - How tall or long were the dinosaurs? Can you find out how tall or long these dinosaurs were:






Can you find any more?

This is also the time to go over skills taught throughout the year:

Simple halving and doubling - this could be halving objects (cutting playdough shapes in half or progressing to numbers)

Doubling low numbers

One more, one less to 20 and beyond

Simple addition and subtraction

Naming basic 2d and 3d shapes

Completing patterns

Recording number sentences

Ordering events in the day, can you tell the time using o'clock?

Here are a few more activities

Dinosaur I Spy and Add to 20 Answers.pdf

Dinosaur I Spy and Add to 20 Checklist.pdf

Dinosaur I Spy and Add to 20.pdf


Other good maths games can be found on topmarks.co.uk 

Physical Development 

Gross Motor Skills 

EYFS PE - We will continue to follow PE with Joe Wicks 0900-0930 on YouTube. This will now be Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays only.

More PE to follow from Mrs Perry in preparation for our sports day! 

Fine Motor Sills

Continue to work on fine motor skills, pegging, cutting, threading, pencil control, tracing, small tools. 




For the next two weeks we will continue to consolidate what we have learnt throughout the year. 

Wk 6 -This week we will be going over adjacent consonants.



Can you read a variety of words that contain these blends? Can you spot them in your reading book or a book from home?

Can you write a list of words that contain each blend? (adults feel free to pick a selection as there are quite a few!)

Wk 7 - This week we will be revising a variety of skills and sounds that we have learnt throughout the year.

Digraphs and Trigraphs


Phase 3 activities.ppt

Tricky words


Writing Tasks Wk 6

This week's writing tasks focus on Dinosaurs


Read through the ebook together. Feel free to break it down so you read a bit each day.

The focus of the week will be to make a non-fiction fact book about Dinosaurs. 

Here are some suggestions for pages:

Monday: A fact about your favourite dinosaur and pictures

Tuesday: What did the dinosaurs eat, for example: A carnivore ate meat. A Herbivore ate plants. Draw a picture

Wednesday: What was the largest dinosaur? What was the smallest dinosaur? Draw a picture

Thursday: Write a fact about a dinosaur that can fly/swim. Draw a picture. 

Friday: A front cover for your book and put it all together!

Writing Tasks Wk 7

This week's writing tasks focus on transition

Monday: Can you write down what you are looking forward to when you return to school? This could be seeing your friends, playing on the field or in the playground, using certain resources...

Tuesday: Are you worried about anything when you return? Write your worries down and send them via class dojo so that we can help!

Wednesday: Can you draw a picture of your self and label it? Include your personality, happy, excited, friendly, shy...

Thursday: What has your favourite topic been in year R and why?

Friday: Write a list of lovely activities (at home or out and about) that you are looking forward to doing over the summer holidays!



To access this resource you will need to set up a FREE account with an email and password. Once set up you can access lots of reading books for children to read and story books for adults to share with children. 

Do you have any Dinosaur books at home? What ones have you got?

If you would like to try a new reading book for the reading session have a look to see if there is one you would like to read. 

Discovery Time

Below are a list of suggested activities for discovery time for the next 2 weeks. 

Wk 6

Wk 7 

Other sessions:

You will find Mrs Whittaker and Miss Morland  'assembly' videos on our Worship and Reflection Page.  

We continue to add content to our Love of Reading Page.

Whole school projects will continue each week on Mrs Whittaker's Topic Time Page

Don't forget to continue checking our Class Dojo PE page too

Here is a link to the natural history museum dinosaur section which has lots of information