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Dear Parents

Welcome to your home learning page. This is where you will find all the home learning for each day of the week. The daily timetable I have provided is a guide only. Phonics will be live Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9am via Microsoft Teams. Story time on a Tuesday and Thursday will also be live and timings will be sent out at the beginning of each week. The other sessions can be taught at a time that suits you and your routine. I am very mindful that not everyone has a printer and I will try and steer clear of work sheets where I can.

Thank you for your support during this very challenging time. 

Below is a suggested timetable for a typical day that may help maintain a sense of routine:  
Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Collective Worship Love of Reading session Tuesday and Thursday 
Phonics Literacy Task Discovery Task  Maths Task  2.30 everyday Read to an adult Live Story

Week 2 1st March 2021


We have almost made it Woodside! 1 more week of remote learning before we are all together again in the classroom. Phonics will be at 9am Monday - Thursday. 

Song of Sounds (kids version).mp4

Above is our song of sounds song. Play it each day at a time that suits you. In school we sing this each day before our phonic session. 

Monday: Phonics Monday.pptx

Tuesday: Phonics Tuesday.pptx

Wednesday: Phonics Wednesday.pptx

Thursday: Phonics Thursday.pptx

Friday: Fantastic Work Woodside! Take today to go through all the sounds we have revisited this week. Can you find any of these digraphs in your reading books at home?

Phonic Tasks

Monday: Can you read the sentences and complete the power point? Start with phase 2 and then move onto phase 3 if you fancy a challenge. 

Monday Phonic Task.pptx

Monday Phonic Task Extension.pptx

Tuesday: Can you complete the online phonics game? You can make it more challenging by choosing phase 3.


Wednesday: Before half term we made phonic dice. Use these to think of words which contain digraphs we have learnt so far. 

Dice Net.pdf


Can you label the picture? In your reading pack you will find a picture of a family in their kitchen. Can you complete all the labels?

Thursday Labelling.pdf

Friday: Have a go at completing this word search!

Friday Wordseach.pdf

Phonic sessions are very repetitive and should be taught at a quick pace. As we are teaching these via teams lets see how we get on and go at a pace that suits as all. 

In the classroom we would encourage the children to then practice their skills after our 'carpet' session. 


Try and read with your grown up as much as possible. We will be changing the books every week. Our book changing day is Wednesday. We would be very grateful if you could drop your books off by 12pm. This then gives us time to swap the books and have them ready for you to collect from 2pm onwards. 

www.oxfordowl.co.uk is a free resource which has some more books should you wish to read more.

Iwww.teachyourmonstertoread.co.uk is offering a free trial.

www.twinkl.com have lots of reading material to choose from

It can be very beneficial to read the same book more than once as the children then become familiar with common words and therefore improve their fluency. 



Well done Woodside for your hard work this term! This week we are going to look at measure and capacity and revisit learning to make sure we are ready to return next week. 

For our starter each day this week we are going to practice counting in 2's to 20! You could use this you tube link to help you


Monday: In Woodside we use non standard units of measure to introduce measuring items. Today we are going to use socks!

How tall are you? Can you measure everyone in your family by using socks? You will have to lay down on the floor sand see how many socks fit alongside your body. Talk about measuring accurately and making sure the socks are placed right next to each other without large gaps in between. 

Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest? Record your results.

Can you find something in your home that is?







Number practice: Use your number cards to practice 1 more, 1 less. Pull out a card and tell your grown what one more is or one less.

Tuesday: Today we are going to look at Capacity. Let's start by looking at different containers. 

Choose 3-4 containers which vary in size. Explore filling them with water (probably a job best for outside!).

Can you fill the containers using these amounts:



Half full

Half empty

Nearly full

Nearly empty

Number practice: Recap your Number bonds. Have a go at playing this online game:


Wednesday: Today we are going to continue with Capacity.

You will need 5 containers of varying sizes. Try and use small, thin and tall, wide...

Next choose a measuring device such as a small cup or a small jug.

We are going to fill these containers to find out which one holds the most. You could use water, pasta, flour...

Once you have chosen what you are going to use to fill the containers with and what your measuring device will be you need to have a good look at your containers. 

Which container do you think will hold the most? 

Can you put your containers in order before you fill them? Record these answers. I wonder whether it will be the same order once you have filled them?

(Example: I think the bottle will hold 4 jugs of flour, the egg cup will hold 1 jug of flour...)

Were you right Woodside?

Number Practice: Practice your counting like we did last week. Turn over a number card and count out that many counters (pasta) Are you counting accurately?

Thursday: Let's revisit our 3D shapes

Can you make the 3D shapes in your reading pack? 

Number practice: Can you complete the missing numbers? (Also in reading pack)

Friday Missing Numbers.pdf

Friday: Have you completed all the tasks from the week?

Practice your number writing today. 

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Can you order your flashcards?


With one more week left of remote learning we are going to use our Literacy sessions this week to prepare the children for returning to school. I am sure that some are very excited but also anxious and perhaps worried having had so much time at home. The sessions this week aim to reassure and put minds at rest.

Monday: Hello Woodside! We have had a little move around of the classroom for when you return next week. Have a look at the power point to see what changes we have made.

How are you feeling about next week? Have a chat with your grown up and talk about what you are looking forward to and if there is anything you are worried about. Write a simple list with your grown up and share it on Portfolio so we can address some of the worries and concerns everyone might have.


Tuesday: Draw a picture of a happy time at school. Can you remember a certain topic that you really enjoyed? Is there an area of the classroom that you particular like? What games did you play in the playground with your friends? Can you draw a picture of this?

Wednesday: Today we are going to think about all the wonderful friendships you have in school. 

Listen to the story below

The Lion Inside.pptx

This story is about friendship and how someone overcame their fears. Its about working together. Who are you looking forward to seeing when you come back to school? Can you draw a picture of you playing with your friends?

What makes a good friend? How could you help someone who might be feeling a bit sad next week?

Thursday: What wonderful memories have you made in lockdown? Is there one (or more) in particular that you will always remember? A funny muddy walk with your family? A baking session at home? Home learning with your grown ups or siblings? Playing games with your family? A movie night? A trip to the park?

Could you choose one and write a sentence about it and draw a picture?

Have a listen to the story below. This story has been read by Miss Morris. She is going to be in our class until May and we are very excited to have her with us!

the world made a rainbow presentation story.pptx

Can you make a rainbow to bring in next week? We will put it on display in the classroom.

Friday: Handwriting practice. Today let's have a go at practicing our cursive script. Make sure you play the power point as a slide show so you can see how the letters are formed. I have included all the letters this week. You choose which ones you feel you need to focus on.

Friday Handwriting.pptx

If you have a highlighter at home you could write the letter on a piece of paper and then the children can trace over them. You can also use your whiteboard to practice your letters. 

Remember: If you cannot fit in all these tasks that is ok! As long as your child is given an opportunity to use a pencil each day then that is great. Name writing, letter formation, drawing... Anything to allow them to practice their pencil grip and control.  

Discovery Tasks for the week

Please feel free to pick and choose when you decide to complete these tasks throughout the week and do not panic if you don't do them all:

Last week we found out about where we live. We looked up our house, street and town on the map and some of you went on a walk around your local area looking at different landmarks.

This week we are going to look at a very different place. We are going to look at the very big and busy City of London. This is great to use as a comparison and allows us to show the differences between our villages and big Cities!


Can you find out 3 things about London and write them down? This could be....

Its the capital of England

The Queen Lives there

It is a City

It has an underground train line called The Tube

It has a famous tower called The Tower of London...

Can you find London using Google Earth? In particular can you find these things...

Buckingham Palace

The Tower of London

The River Thames

Westminster Abbey

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

The London Eye

No. 10 Downing Street

Hyde Park

London Bridge


Can you make a London Bus or a London Taxi out of construction or junk modelling at home? You could draw a picture of these vehicles instead if that's easier

Follow the Power point to learn about Big Ben. You could try and make this too!

Big Ben.pptx

London is in England. That is our country. We are next to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and together we make up The United Kingdom.

Can you find out what the England Flag looks like? Have a go at drawing it or making one of your own.

What is the Union Jack?

Who Lives in Buckingham Palace?

Can you find out? Click the link below for a virtual tour?


Can you have a go at drawing a guard?

Learn to draw a guard.pdf

Can you find out any facts about the Queen? You could make your own crown or build Buckingham Palace with lego or duplo!

Listen to the stories about London. Click on the links below:

Katie in London.pptx

The Queen's Hat.pptx


In class we start our day with wake up shake up each morning. 


Andy from Cbeebies has some excellent videos linked below


PE with Joe 


Don't forget that a daily walks, playing in the garden and bike and scooter rides also count towards your PE.

Play dough

Play dough is fantastic for all sorts of learning and especially for developing fine motor skills.

In phonics it can be used to make letters or to make objects that start with or contain certain sounds. It can also be used as sound buttons.

In maths it can be used to make counters, form numbers, make different shapes and order objects by size.

It is a marvelous resource and very easy to make:

2 cups of plain flour

1/2 cup of salt

1 cup of hot water

1 tablespoon of cream of tar tar

3 tablespoons of vegetable oil

Food colouring of your choice

Mix all together and it should last for a significant amount of time if kept in an air tight container

Try adding glitter or flavouring for a more sensory experience! 

Friday Wellness Afternoon

Please find this weeks activities below: