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                                     Oaks Year 2 

Here is a proposed timetable that you may like to follow. 

                                               Session 1                 Session 2                 Session 3                  Session 4                        Session 5

                                        Maths                      Phonics                     English                      Foundation Subject         Sharing a book (story or reading practice)


Week beginning Monday 18th January 2021

Hello everyone,

 In English, we are completing one more activity based on the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, you will then look at an alternative (twisted) version of the story. We are also beginning to complete some written comprehension tasks to help build on our reading skills. 

In Maths, we continue with multiplication. I have included an interactive online multiplication game as an additional task for those who may like to access it. The aim with multiplication is to have fluent recall of the 2x, 5x and 10x tables. If you feel you child is mastering these tables then please feel free to go on to explore the 3x and 4x tables. 

Kind regards,

Miss Wort



Use your Power Maths book (2A) and complete pages 143, 144 and 145: Multiplication Sentences. When you reach the reflect section an example of a multiplication story is:

3 groups of two rabbits rabbits were eating carrots in a field. How many rabbits altogether? 



Use your Power Maths book (2A) and complete pages 146, 147 and 148: Using Arrays. An array is a pattern that you can record as a multiplication. For an  example, see the pink link below:




Use your Power Maths book (2A) and complete pages 149, 150 and 151 : 2 x tables



Use your Power Maths book (2A) and complete pages 152, 153 and 154 : 5 x tables



Use your Power Maths book (2A) and complete pages 155, 156 and 157 : 10 x tables


Optional/ Additional activities:

Times table online game

For those of you that would like to practice your multiplication more then go to this Topmarks game by following the link below:


1. Make sure you on the 5-7years.

2.Click on multiplication and division.

3.Choose the game 'hit the button'.

4. Click on times tables. Click on the times table you would like to practice. 


Optional/ Additional multiplication game .

Have fun with this game to practice your multiplication skills. 






Join in with the 3 x live sessions this week. Remember these are quick fire sessions that will last for 10 to 15 minutes.  Below is an outline of what we aim to cover this week and here is a link to the You Tube version of Year 2 Song of Sounds if you want to sing it at home.


Monday: Session 1: Live session at 10am

Phoneme (sound) is 'u'

Grapheme (how we write it) is 'o' as is brother.

Tuesday: Session2: Live session at 10am

Phoneme (sound) is 'o'

Grapheme (how we write it) is 'a' as in watch.

Wednesday: Session3: Live session at 10am

Phoneme  (sound) is 'er'

Grapheme  (how we write it) is 'or'

Session4: Independent session, complete at a time that suits you.


  1. Cut and stick the images from the pink link below to sort them into groups if the picture contains the correct spelling.
  2. Write the word for each picture.  
  3. If you want a further challenge then you could write sentences using the phonic words. 

Phonics images to sort



Monday: Re-watch  the story of Jack and the Beanstalk  if you would like to or read a version that you may have at home to remind yourself of the story!


Today you are going to pretend to be Jack and write a letter to the Ogre/Giant apologizing for your bad behavior. You can look at my letter as an example if you like. You can choose to write it in your blue home learning book or use a piece of paper or card to make a card and then you can decorate the front!

To challenge yourself, try to add some conjunctions to extend some sentences (but, if, so, when, then, or, if, because, and). You can also add adjectives (describing words) to make it more interesting for the reader and you may even weave in some of your spellings! Click on the pink link below for top tips and ideas.

Top tips and ideas for letter writing

Tuesday: Enjoy watching a twisted version of Jack and The Beanstalk. This means, that the story has been twisted (changed slightly) to give a different story. Follow this You Tube link or copy and paste,


Now write the words ‘same’ and ‘twisted’ at the top of the page. Under each heading, write what is the same about Jim and the Beanstalk and the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and what is different. Try to find at least 3 things for each column.

 WednesdayToday we are practicing our reading but also answering questions about what we have read. Read the text through first, then read the questions. Use the text to help you find the answers to the questions, don’t just guess! Click the link below to access the sheets on The Princess and The Pea.

There are 3 different levels but you only need to complete one level. See which you would like to do. We haven’t done many of these before so give it a good go! The easier level is on pages 1 and 2. The middle level on pages 4 and 5 and the harder level is on pages 7,8 and 9.

Reading comprehension      

Thursday: Make a list of all the Traditional Tales that you can think of. Try and think of at least 10 to earn a dojo. If you get 15 then you can have a double dojo. Good Luck!

If you are stuck at trying to think of any then take a look at the pictures on the pink link below.

Clues for Traditional Tales.


Spellings: Ask someone to test you on your 10 spellings words this week. Good luck!

If you would like an extra challenge then write sentences or a silly story using your words. 


Handwriting: Please practice forming and joining the letter 'r'. You can use the handwriting book sent home to practice in. Remember to start your letters on the blue line.

Good luck as the letter 'r' is one of the trickiest letters to join.

Click on the pink text below to see an example of the words to copy. The red link is a short You tube clip demonstrating how to join 'r'. 


Joining the letter r






There are 2 art activities you may like to choose from:

1. Follow these instructions on You Tube and make yourself an origami fox head. You will need a square of paper and a pen.


OR if you like make a collage fox picture. I have attached an example but you can be as creative as you like!

 Fox collage.jpg


Geography: Maps 

Have fun watching this short video clip about what is a map and how they are used.



Activity 1: Draw a compass showing the 4 main compass points, North, South, East and West. If you would like to challenge yourself further then you can add the next four points, North-East, North- West, South-East and South West. 

Additional question you may like to find the answer to: Do you know why we say North and South first each time?

 Activity 2: Have a go at the compass challenge, use the four main compass directions to guide you to different features. Good Luck

Compass challenge     



Watch out children and parents, Joe Wicks is back! Follow (or cut and paste) this You tube link to his You Tube site .....

or simply enjoy a walk, a bike ride or a run in the park. Whatever makes you happy!



Live Story time

Tune in using Teams and enjoy hearing Miss Wort read

a class story at 11.30am on Thursday. 


Pre-recorded Story time

This may be a nice way to end the week or just to enjoy at your leisure. Read or listen to the story narrated by Miss Wort. It's called The Last Wolf. Follow the pink link to the power point.

The Last Wolf Power point