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                                     Oaks Year 2 

Here is a proposed timetable that you may like to follow. 

                                               Session 1                 Session 2                 Session 3                  Session 4                        Session 5

                                        Maths                      Phonics                     English                      Foundation Subject         Collective Worship 


Week beginning Monday 1st March 2021

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the last week of remote learning. 

This week, we will continue to learn about animal habitats and why certain animals are suited to their specific habitats. This week, we will focus on hot desert animals. 

Please note that Monday's phonics is a pre-recorded session as I am unable to deliver a live session that morning. Live phonic sessions will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be no live session on Thursday but really looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th March.  

 Take care, Miss Wort


Monday: Use your Power Maths book and complete pages 70, 71 and 72: Solving Word Problems.

Tuesday: Today, we start a new unit of work on shape.  Use your Power Maths book and complete pages 75, 76 and 77: Recognizing 2D and 3D shapes.

Wednesday: Use your Power Maths book and complete pages 78, 79 and 80.  Drawing 2D shapes.

Thursday: Use your Power Maths book and complete pages 81, 82 and 83: Counting sides on 2D shapes

Friday: Use your Power Maths book and complete pages 84, 85 and 86. Counting vertices (corners) on 2D shapes .


Optional Additional Activities:

 Activity 1: 

Click the link below for a shapes games on Topmarks. If the link doesn't take straight to the game then follow these instructions:

  1. Click on 5-7 years 
  2. Click on shapes
  3. Click on 2D shape Caroll diagram and off you go!



 Activity 2: If you would like a 'colour-by-shape' activity then click on the link below.

Colour by shape




Join in with the 3 x live sessions this week. Remember these are quick fire sessions that will last for 10 to 15 minutes.  Below is an outline of what we aim to cover this week and here is a link to the You Tube version of Year 2 Song of Sounds if you want to sing it at home.


Monday: Session 1: PRE-RECORDED SESSION that you can watch at a time that suits you.  Click the link below for the power point with Miss Wort speaking!

Phonics power point 

Phoneme (sound) is 'l'

Grapheme (how we write it) is 'le' as in tiny/bubble

Tuesday: Session2: Live session at 10am

Phoneme (sound) is 'l'

Grapheme (how we write it) is 'el' as in travel/camel.

Wednesday: Session3: Live session at 10am

Phoneme  (sound) is 'l'

Grapheme  (how we write it) is 'al' as in pedal/medal 

Session4: Independent session, complete at a time that suits you.

See the attached sheet and fill in the missing phonics words.

Missing word activity  




Monday: Read the information and answer the questions about camels. Remember the easier level is on pages 1 and 2, the middle level is one pages 4 and 5 and the harder level is one pages 7 and 8. 

Camel comprehension

 Tuesday: Have fun learning about different creatures that live in hot deserts by watching the  You Tube clip below. When you have watched the clip, chose one or two of the creatures to write some facts about. You can draw the creature too if you like. Some of the creatures that you will see are the ground squirrel, a jack rack rabbit, a camel and a thorny devil. 


Try this link, or if this doesn't work then you can copy and paste it and it will work. 




Wednesday Can you find out what a gila monster is? Perhaps you can google to find out and see if you can learn 3 facts about this creature with an unusual name. 


 Thursday: Order these  hot desert animals in alphabetical order. Remember if the first letter is the same to look at the second and maybe the third letter.

scorpion    camel         iguana    gila monster 

fennec fox        rattlesnake         vulture            gecko 

jack rabbit           kangaroo rat        wolf spider

meerkat         ground squirrel


Spelling test: This week you need to ask a parent or a big brother or sister to test you on the first 5 words and the second set of 5 words. Good luck!

Handwriting: Please practice forming and joining 'a range of letters and joins'

Click on the pink text below to see an example of the words to copy.

Handwriting Activity 





Activity 1: Follow the link below and listen to the song about the 5 oceans of the world. When you have listened to the song, list the names of the ocean.


Activity 2: Now that you have heard the names of the 5 oceans, complete this activity by labeling them on a map. 

5 oceans activity

Art: You can choose which of these activities you would like to do.

Activity 1: Follow the clip below and learn how to draw a lizard by watching the You Tube clip.



Activity 2: Follow the clip below and make a simple origami lizard. You just need paper, pens and scissors.



P.E. Continue with your scavenger hunt. You can look inside or outside for items beginning  with each of these letters. Draw, write or photograph what you find. The letters this week are:

J, K, L, M, N. O, P

or simply enjoy going for a walk, walking your dog or exercising outside.