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The New Forest Church of England Primary School

Lyburn Year 3 

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Below is a suggested timetable for this week which may help maintain a sense of routine:  
Suggested day  Session 1 Session 2 Worship and Reflection 'Assembly time' Session 3 Physical Activity  session
Monday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English Faith At Home BBC Bitesize - Science Physical activity 
Tuesday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English  Miss Morland BBC Bitesize - Sport Physical activity
Wednesday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English Worship through song BBC Bitesize - Sport Physical activity  
Thursday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English Mrs Whittaker BBC Bitesize - Dance and Movement Physical activity 
Friday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English Oak National/ Faith At Home BBC Bitesize - Food technology Physical activity 


Week commencing Monday 13th July - Friday 17th July 2020 (week 7) LAST WEEK - keep going!

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Power Maths:     


Power Maths 3C textbook link:

Linked to each lesson in the practice books for Power Maths is a input session from the textbook

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Power Maths have also produced a parent guide video to using the textbooks:




Science and foundation subjects:


Other sessions:

You will find Mrs Whittaker and Miss Morland  'assembly' videos on our Worship and Reflection Page.  

We continue to add content to our Love of Reading Page.

We have now launched our  Virtual School Sports Day

Physical Activity Page.