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The New Forest C of E Primary School and Nursery

Lyburn Year 3 

Here is our suggested timetable to follow. We have left powerpoints that you may wish to access again at the bottom of the middle section of the page.  We will publish new work one day at a time.

Remember to post your work on your class dojo portfolio.  We may not be able to comment on each individual post, but remember that we are really proud of you for working hard! Please make sure that you spend some time on you R2P after each piece of work is finished.

Below is a suggested timetable for this week which may help maintain a sense of routine:  
Suggested day  Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Physical Activity  session Love of Reading Worship and Reflection 'Assembly time'

Power Maths & Arithmetic activities

9.05 Live lesson



11am live lesson


Science Physical activity of own choice/Joe Wicks

2.00 Live story time

/feedback/reflection on learning time

Zoom Mrs Whittaker



Power Maths & Arithmetic activities

9.05am Live lesson


English and ICT

11am live lesson

Music  Physical activity of own choice /Joe Wicks

2.30 Live story /feedback/reflection on learning time



Power Maths & Arithmetic activities

9.05am Live lesson



11am live lesson

Topic Physical activity of own choice /Joe Wicks 2.00 Live story /feedback/reflection on learning time

Zoom Mrs Whittaker



 9.05am Live lesson

 World Book Day

11.30am live lesson

on BBC Teach


Complete work for World Book Day

(no new RE/French)


Physical activity of own choice /Joe Wicks 2.00 Live story /feedback/reflection on learning time TBC 

Power Maths & Arithmetic activities

9.05am Live lesson

Finishing Friday

11am Live Author Webinair


Art/Wellbeing Time Physical activity of own choice/ Joe Wicks Story Time

Zoom Mrs Whittaker




Friday 18th February - School Closure 

Remember all links are highlighted in yellow and underlined. 



Problem Solving

We will be doing some problem solving together this morning using the 3,4,8 times tables. 

Try to solve these problems on purple mash. Think carefully about the question. Do you need to multiply or divide to find the answers?






Acrostic Poem

Watch the Bitesize clip below to learn more about the features of an acrostic poem.

Can you choose a word linked to our Ancient Egypt topic and write an acrostic poem of your own?

Here are some ideas: Egypt / Cleopatra / Goddess/ Tutankhamun / Pyramid / Giza  


Story Time:

The National Literacy Trust are giving everyone free access to a book each week. This week the author is Katherine Rundell, you can hear an audiobook of The Good Thieves  


You could have a look at this for storytime.


Foundation subjects:

PSHE Our Eco Council are working really hard to make us aware of being more environmentally friendly. Can you help? You could show your ideas on a poster or a PowerPoint.

Can you think of: 

  • Ways to reduce waste in school (think about waste caused by paper, food, packaging etc...)
  • Ways to save water in school
  • Ways to save energy in school
  • Ways to look after the plants and animals that live in the school environment
  • Any other ways of looking after the school environment?


Music & Drama – Please look on Class Dojo and keep working hard learning the Dragon Days songs. Can you use your script to learn any lines you have?



Keep practising counting to 10 in French.

You might like to try this live lesson on counting to 12



Other sessions:

Physical activity:

Find a Joe Wicks workout on YouTube.  Stay active and get some fresh air everyday.

You could also find some ideas to join in with using these video clips.