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The New Forest Church of England Primary School

Lyburn Year 3 

Here is our suggested timetable to follow. We will be aiming to include some live lessons using Microsoft Teams - please bear with us as this develops over the next week or so and we will be trying to end each day with a story where we can. We have left last week's lessons for anyone to catch up if needed.  We will publish new work one day at a time.

Remember to post your work on your class dojo portfolio.  We may not be able to comment on each individual post, but remember that we are really proud of you for working hard! Please make sure that you spend some time on you R2P after each piece of work is finished.

Below is a suggested timetable for this week which may help maintain a sense of routine:  
Suggested day  Session 1 Session 2 Worship and Reflection 'Assembly time' Session 3 Physical Activity  session Love of Reading

Power Maths & Arithmetic activities

9.05 Live lesson



11am live lesson


 Zoom Mrs Whittaker


Science Physical activity of own choice/Joe Wicks 2.00 Live story time

Power Maths & Arithmetic activities

9.05am Live lesson


English and ICT

11am live lesson

TBC Music  Physical activity of own choice /Joe Wicks

2.00 Live story time/feedback/

reflection on learning time


Power Maths & Arithmetic activities

9.05am Live lesson



11am live lesson

Zoom Mrs Whittaker


Topic Physical activity of own choice /Joe Wicks 2.00 Live story /feedback/reflection on learning time

 Power Maths & Arithmetic activities

9.05am Live lesson



11am live lesson

TBC RE Physical activity of own choice /Joe Wicks 2.00 Live story /feedback/reflection on learning time

Power Maths & Arithmetic activities

9.05am Live lesson

Finishing Friday


11.00 Live story time

Finishing Friday

Zoom Mrs Whittaker


Art Physical activity of own choice/ Joe Wicks Story Time


Week commencing: Monday 18th January

Remember all links are highlighted in yellow and underlined. 


Walk: Subtraction from 20 number facts

Jog: Three times table test number 6

Run: Try to beat your score/time - keep a record so that you can see how you improve over lockdown


There are songs on Purple Mash and Mathletics (see below - Explore - videos - times table tunes) to help you practice your times tables.

Tuesday 19th January

Unit 6, Lesson 1 Pounds and pence.

Live lesson at 9.05am. Please join using same link as before, with yellow books ready.  You will need your Power Maths Practice Book 3B for today’s lesson and might find it useful to have some real money to look at. The session will be recorded for those who wish/need to access it later on.   You will be completing pp51-53. Click below for today’s powerpoint.

Unit 6 Lesson 1.pptx

Power Maths:

Sometimes the Power Maths lessons can take us two days in class, do not be afraid to stop if you need to and come back to it another day.  We will build in some catch up days every week or two as everyone will go at a different pace at home. 

Powerpoints from previous weeks:


Remember to read and practice your spellings every day if you can. You have a handwriting book, so please work on that too. If you do a little bit every day you will be amazed at how much you improve.

Take a look at our school spelling page for more spelling ideas.


You may have heard that The National Literacy Trust are giving everyone free access to a book each week.  Here is the link below.  This week it is The Story of Tracey Beaker.


Tuesday 19th January

Join us for a live lesson at 11 during which we will discuss some spelling strategies.  We will then use Purple Mash to learn about how to send and reply to emails and you will have the opportunity to email me (through Purple Mash).  After that there is a Purple Mash reading activity set as a 2Do (Beth and the Nile chapter 3) followed by an online multiple choice quiz.


If you missed Monday's spelling activity it can be downloaded here.










Powerpoints from previous weeks:

The Story of Tutankhamun lesson 1.pptx

The Story of Tutankhamun lesson 2.pptx

 Gods and Goddesses week 2 research.pptx

Picture News Paper - 18th January.pdf

Story Book Quiz 1.pptx

Science and foundation subjects:


Follow the link to today's lesson on Understanding basic notation



Today's Science lesson can be found at: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/how-can-we-see-objects-6ct6ct

I know that you enjoyed the practical investigations last week.  Today’s optional investigation can be found in this powerpoint.  You’ll need to improvise a bit and remember to check with an adult about what would be suitable to use. Write a paragraph in your Home Learning Book saying what you did and what happened.

And then add a reflection sentence on your learning.  (R2P  I noticed that …..  Or I wonder why ………….)   Any photos on Portfolio would be great, but might be tricky to take as it is to do with what you can and can’t see in the dark.

Topic work:

Pyramids and Pharaohs lesson 2.pptx



Our Big Question this term is:

Big Question

The Creation lesson 2.pptx



Art week 2.pptx

Other sessions:

Physical activity:

Joe Wicks is back and you can find previous sessions on YouTube.  Stay active and get some fresh air everyday.

You could also find some ideas to join in with using these video clips.


Story Time:

Unless this is a live story time, this is a time for you to either read your home reading book or another book from your bookshelf.  Maybe you could read to a younger brother or sister?

Here are some links to videos of our story The Time Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess by Julia Jarman for those of you who had trouble hearing it with glitchy internet.

Time travelling Cat Chapter 1 part 1.wmv

Time travelling Cat Chapter 1 part 2.wmv

Time travelling Cat Chapter 2.wmv

Time travelling Cat Chapter 3.wmv

Time travelling Cat Chapter 4.wmv

Or you could have a look at this for storytime.


And don't forget The Love of Reading page