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Lyburn Year 3 

This page will list the weekly home-learning ideas for everyone in our class. 

Miss Morland is still available to help you each school day via the Class Dojo messaging function (checking at lunch and after school) and will continue to send daily 'class story' posts. 

You can also message Mrs Malmberg (Monday/Tuesday) or Mrs Perry (Wednesday) if you need a more immediate response as Miss M is teaching in school.

Remember we are all 'Learning together through friendship and faith'.

Below is a suggested timetable for this week which may help maintain a sense of routine:  
Suggested day  Session 1 Session 2 Worship and Reflection 'Assembly time' Session 3 Physical Activity  session Independent Well- being project session Love of Reading session
Monday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English Faith At Home BBC Bitesize - History Physical activity  Work on learning a new skill or do mindfulness colouring Read to an adult
Tuesday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English  Miss Morland BBC Bitesize - Geography Physical activity Contact a friend Listen to a story via  Love of Reading page
Wednesday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English Worship through song BBC Bitesize - Science Physical activity   Virtual School Sports Day Read to an adult
Thursday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English Mrs Whittaker BBC Bitesize - Computing or Languages Physical activity  Contact a family member Share a story with someone 
Friday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English Oak National/ Faith At Home BBC Bitesize - Art, Design or Music Physical activity 


with classmates

Read to an adult


Week commencing Monday 6th July - Friday 10th July 2020 (week 6)

Details of how to join Friday's class meeting will be emailed to parents this week.

Remember all links are highlighted in yellow and underlined. 

Please watch our Hello to my friends video which includes all your friends in which ever way they felt comfortable expressing themselves - on trampolines, in pools etc.  Well done to everyone for being a part of this special keeping in touch video.  HELLO TO MY FRIENDS   Part 1  and  PART 2 fixed

Power Maths:     

Unit 9 3B Fractions 1   I've matched all the Power Maths Textbook and Practice book page references with BBC Bitesize videos that may help your learning.  Books/Video matches

Monday: Lesson 5 Unit 10 3C

Tuesday: Lesson 6

Wednesday: Lesson 7

Thursday: Lesson 8

Friday: Lesson 9 end of unit


Parent Help Sheet for fractions

Made by Miss M

Made by Twinkl

Catch up of Year 2 if required

Books/video matches for Year 2

IF you are ahead and want to make a start on the last units in the book Go For It!


A series of activities have been assigned for you in Mathletics - Shape games deadline is 30/06. Fractions have now also been assigned.

You can access these sites quickly by using the links on our Internet Based Home-Learning Page

Power Maths 3C textbook link:

Linked to each lesson in the practice books for Power Maths is a input session from the textbook

Here is your child's year group link:



(top right corner)

This link will only work properly if you have consented to Pearson's Terms of Use. See this  guide on how to do this:

Power Maths textbook access.pptx 

Power Maths have also produced a parent guide video to using the textbooks:



This week is a rest from a writing focus and we are moving back to BBC Bitesize English lessons.  These are available from 6pm (ish) the night before on: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zmyxxyc/year-3-and-p4-lessons 

Monday: Revising subordinating conjunctions (remember I SAW A WASUB and the spinner on our learning wall)

Tuesday: Newspaper features

Wednesday: Using alliteration to write newspaper headlines

Thursday:  Revising word types+ Chapter 5 of ‘Ottaline and the Yellow Cat’

Friday:  a Reading lesson  

Other lessons that may be of interest are:

12th June on Kensuke’s Kingdom https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zh6qmfr

17th June on Nonsense Poetry https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zv3v6g8

19th June on David Walliams’ Slime https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zrd4f82

Ongoing Spellings - All Years: 

Miss M's very good friend has said that we can use her Harry Potter themed spelling games to help us learn the Year 3/4 words.

This week do Set Three activities on: 


Continue to practice your personal spelling targets from your target word list:

  1. Make sure that you are tested to identify 5-8 target words that you can work on each week.  These may include errors from previous weeks.  
  2. Learn the words over a week using one of the strategies listed on our Spelling Strategies Page
  3. Regularly do a recap test of the words that you've been learning over the past few weeks -  make sure you are secure in your recall of their correct spelling.
  4. Focus on forming your letters correctly and joining so that each letter can be easily recognised.   If in doubt PRINT your letters in un-joined, lower case. 

Target word lists - make sure you can READ and WRITE each of these words for your year group.

If you still have target words from earlier years work on those first. 

Year 1

Year 2 

Year 3/4 to be learnt by end of Year 4 (and secure by end of KS2)

Year 5/6 to be learnt by the end of Year 6 

Resources to support your learning are available on the Spelling Strategies Page 

Science and foundation subjects:

In Term 6, we are using BBC Bitesize for our science and foundation subject curriculum for Y2-6.  

These sessions will not necessarily match our normal school curriculum map, but they are designed for your year group and provide consistency for the rest of the term.

Your year group link for the daily lessons is here:


You can usually access the next day's lessons from 6pm each night.  

Other sessions:

You will find Mrs Whittaker and Miss Morland  'assembly' videos on our Worship and Reflection Page.  

We continue to add content to our Love of Reading Page.

We have now launched our  Virtual School Sports Day

Physical Activity Page.