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The New Forest Church of England Primary School

Hamptworth Year 5

When we have a local or national lock down home learning will be posted here following the timetable below.

If your child is quarantining either because they are awaiting a test result or they have returned from a country that requires quarantining then we suggest that they use the BBC Bitesize as a resource for home learning. 

Below is a suggested timetable for this week which may help maintain a sense of routine:  
Suggested day  Session 1 Session 2 Worship and Reflection 'Assembly time' Session 3 Physical Activity  session Independent Well- being project session Love of Reading session
Monday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English Mrs Whittaker BBC Bitesize - History Physical activity  Work on learning a new skill or do mindfulness colouring Read to an adult
Tuesday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English  Miss Morland BBC Bitesize - Geography Physical activity Contact a friend Listen to a story via  Love of Reading page
Wednesday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English Worship through song BBC Bitesize - Science Physical activity   Watch 'Mojo's Big Idea' (sent to you) Read to an adult
Thursday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English Mrs Whittaker BBC Bitesize - Computing or Languages Physical activity  Contact a family member Share a story with someone 
Friday Power Maths & Arithmetic activities English Miss Morland BBC Bitesize - Art, Design or Music Physical activity  Mrs Whittaker's Topic Time Read to an adult