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The New Forest Church of England Primary School

Hamptworth and Brambles: Year 5 and Year 6

Below is a suggested timetable for the class to follow whilst Home Learning.  Following feedback from the children, we have adjusted the live lesson format.  We will now alternate between live lessons that the children join at the allocated time and pre-recorded lessons that the children can complete at their own pace.  Each day will consist of both a maths or English live lesson and pre-recorded lesson.   These are highlighted in yellow on the timetable - the children will find their live lesson on their Teams calendar. The pre-recorded lesson can be found in the files linked to their maths or English group.  Please refer to the video below for instructions on how to find the pre-recorded lessons.

How to find the pre-recorded lessons in Teams.mp4

Mr Day and Mrs Barnes


Suggested day 

Session 1

Live lesson

9:00 - 9.30 Group  C

9.40 - 10.10 Group B

10.30 - 11.00 Group A

Session 2

Pre-recorded lesson



Session 3

Love of Reading / Pastoral session

13:10 - 13:30


Session 4

Wider Curriculum Learning

13.30 - 14.15


Session 5

Well-being  session/Physical Activity

14.15 - 14.30

Session 6

Worship and Reflection 'Assembly time'

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Recoded Tuesday and Thursday



Independent Tasks


Live Lesson - Guided Reading.

Independent Tasks


Live Lesson - Power Maths.

 Live Lesson - Pastoral catch-up time

Independent Tasks

Topic - Rivers

The Body Coach Home Exercise.  Collective Worship with Mrs Whittaker at 14:30 

Independent Tasks


Live Lesson - Power Maths 



Independent Tasks


Pre-recorded lesson - English

Live Lesson - Science Kahoot Quiz

Independent Tasks

Physical Activity 

The Body Coach Home Exercise.  Collective Worship with Matt and Ellie at 14:30

Independent Tasks


Live Lesson - English.

Independent Tasks

Mathletics / Arithmetic

Pre-recorded Lesson - Power Maths 

Live Lesson - Story Time


Live Event - Children's digital book festival.

Author - Kwame Alexander


The Body Coach Home Exercise.  Collective Worship with Mrs Whittaker at 14:30 

Independent Tasks 


Live lesson - English. 

Independent Tasks


Pre-recorded lesson -Maths

Live Lesson - Kahoot Quiz

Independent Tasks

World Book Day Activity

The Body Coach Home Exercise.  Collective Worship recorded session at 14:30

 Independent Tasks


Live Lesson - Power Maths.

Independent Tasks

Guided reading

Pre-recorded lesson - English. 


Live Lesson - Story Time

Catch-Up time

Well-being task shared on whole school Class Dojo

Celebration Assembly




Resources for Home Learning; Friday 5th March 2021. 

All downloadable resources are highlighted in yellow.

Session 1.


Independent task: 

Logon to Mathletics and complete the arithmetic test that has been set for you today.

Please access the lesson today via Teams as a live lesson. This is available in your year groups (Year 6, Year 5 A and Year 5 B) NOT your mixed groups. Complete the work below AFTER watching the lesson. 

What - Multistep problems with bar models

Year 5 and 6 Chilli I

Year 5 and 6 Chilli II

Year 5 and 6 Chilli III

Past SATS Questions



Session 2.


Independent tasks: 

1) Guided Reading: Complete the activity set on Purple Mash.

2) Access the pre-recorded lesson in your English Teams files.  Post a photo in Class Dojo of your finished shape poem.

How to find the pre-recorded lessons in Teams.mp4

Group A English.pptx

Group B and C English.pptx


Year 2 Common Exception Words

Year 3 and 4 spelling list

Year 5 and 6 spelling list



Session 3. 

Join Mr Day for story time using the link on your calendar.  Mrs Barne's class  - please access an audio book of your choice from the 'Love of Reading' page.


Session 4.

Well-being activity.

Afternoon Actvities- Friday 5th March.pdf.


Session 5.

P.E. activity - see the video link below for some physical activity today!



Session 6. 

Collective Worship.


Join us via the ZOOM link this afternoon for celebration assembly. 


Previous Days Learning: 



Year 5 - What - Measuring Angles

Year 6 - What - End of Unit Check

Year 5 Chilli I

Year 5 Chilli II

Year 5 Chilli III

Year-6 - End of Unit Assessment



 All Groups English.pptx

 A snip 1.PNG    A snip 2.PNG

B snip 1.PNG    B snip 2.PNG

C snip 1.PNG    C snip 2.PNG