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The New Forest C of E Primary School and Nursery

Hamptworth and Brambles: Year 5 and Year 6


Mr Price and Mr Day

2021 - 2022




Good morning, please scroll down for today's work.


Writing: look at this powerpoint on formal writing then create your own formal letter.


Next scroll down for the maths. Look through the powerpoint (and powerpoint for maths from Friday) then write a short paragraph with examples - what is a multiple, what is a factor?




Please scroll right down the page for the different lessons and resources. Huge apologies for the disruption to uploaded work.


 See below! Follow the interactive maths powerpoint! (will need to be downloaded for interactivity!)


In class we have been looking at modal verbs. Use the interactive powerpoint below to explore these magical verbs and then try the activity.

Find the deserts! Use the internet to locate the deserts and then either fill them in on the map if you have a printer or create your own map!