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The New Forest Church of England Primary School

Langley Year 4  

On this page are the remote learning activities and internet links for set activities for pupils to engage with should they need to isolate.  Below is a suggested range of tasks per day.

Mathletics - There are a range of tasks set.  Log in and choose 3 to complete.

Spag,com - There are a range of tasks set.  Log in and choose 2 to complete.

PurpleMash - Log in and complete a reading task.

Writing task - Complete an activity from the Talk for Writing unit.  Work through the booklet in order.  

                      Talk for Writing Goblin unit

Virtual tour - The British Museum

Physical activity - P.E. with Joe Wicks



Internet hyperlinks or downloads will always be identified in  highlighted text. To access our subscription learning platform sites - Purple Mash, Mathletics  and SPAG.com - we always recommend using the Internet Based Home-learning page here on our website. There are a few help sheets for parents on there.  Everyone's login details are attached to their Class Dojo portfolio.  

School Closure Activities

We recommend following a daily routine to support wellbeing and time management:


Maths input (see Teams Calendar for times)

Maths follow up learning activities

BREAK, drink and snack

Physical activity


handwriting practice

English input (see Teams Calendar for times) English follow up learning activities


Physical activity

 1pm Reflect to Perfect session,   class story or quiz.  

Other Subjects & Topic 

Collective Worship

(see Class Dojo school story)

(20 mins) (30 mins) (40 mins) (20 mins) (15 mins) (30 mins) (45 mins) (60 mins) (30 mins) (30 mins x2) (20 mins)

Arithmetic -  




Love of Reading

There are so many e books, audio books and videos of authors reading which you can access online via the links on our school Love of Reading page.   



Other subjects 


Friday Wellbeing Activities 


Physical activity


Worship and Reflection