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The New Forest Church of England Primary School

Langley Year 4  

Term 4's exciting topic is...NATURE'S FURY
Term 4's exciting topic is...NATURE'S FURY

On this page are the remote learning activities, links and details of live lessons and narrated sessions that Miss Morland will be delivering Monday - Wednesday and Friday. 

Mrs Cooper or Mrs Logan will be joining us for our 1pm sessions.  Daily Worship details can be found on the whole school Class Dojo story for 2:30pm.

PLEASE NOTE change in time: On Thursdays, Mrs Roderick will be delivering live lessons to the WHOLE CLASS for 'area and shape' at 9am.

Then at 11am the WHOLE CLASS English live lesson will be on poetry linked with our topic.

Miss Morland will be monitoring the Class Dojo portfolios, messages and posting updates on Class Dojo throughout the day each day.  

Internet hyperlinks or downloads will always be identified in  highlighted text. To access our subscription learning platform sites - Purple Mash, Mathletics  and SPAG.com - we always recommend using the Internet Based Home-learning page here on our website. There are a few help sheets for parents on there.  Everyone's login details are attached to their Class Dojo portfolio.  

Thursday 4th March...World Book Day   #Love of Reading

We recommend following a daily routine to support wellbeing and time management:


Maths input (see Teams Calendar for times)

Maths follow up learning activities

BREAK, drink and snack

Physical activity


handwriting practice

English input (see Teams Calendar for times) English follow up learning activities


Physical activity

 1pm Reflect to Perfect session,   class story or quiz.  

Other Subjects & Topic 

Collective Worship

(see Class Dojo school story)

(20 mins) (30 mins) (40 mins) (20 mins) (15 mins) (30 mins) (45 mins) (60 mins) (30 mins) (30 mins x2) (20 mins)

Arithmetic - daily practice of times tables (see section below) + these activities:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Mathletics Multiplication and Division Year 4

Answers/Parent Guide


Tuesday weekly arithmetic quiz in a narrated Powerpoint of questions, answers and strategies.  PLEASE POST PHOTO of marked quiz.

Dynamic Dividers test 2nd March.pptx

Marvellous Multipliers test 2nd March.pptx

This is also available in TEAMS file share for Langley Maths groups. 


Thursday - Shape based activities on Purple Mash to recap on curriculum content to date.

Maths with Mrs Roderick - Thursdays live lesson 9am

Power Maths 4B Unit 7 - AREA

Lesson 2 Guide p57 finished/improved , p58, 59


PLEASE POST A PHOTO of where you got up to/where you had a problem.  Make sure you do a 'Reflect To Perfect' comment on your learning.  

Extra practice - Mathletics Length, Perimeter and Area  Year 4 booklet paper copies are available in the drop box at KS2 Reception.

Mathletics Answer Book/Parent Guide

Maths with Miss M

DD Friday - End of Unit Check and/or

Mathletics Multiplication and Division Year 4 

Answers/Parent Guide


MM - do some more of your booklet on Revising Multiplication and Division 

Answers/parent guide 

English with Mrs Roderick 

Join Mrs Roderick at 11am for more on weather poems.

A-Z of weather.pptx

World Book Day 30-minute Live Lesson:  hosted by CBBC's Ben Shires and Bitesize Daily's Mr Smith will be live right here on BBC Teach and on the CBBC channel on the morning of Thursday, 4 March 2021 at 11:30am.


Follow Up Poetry Task: 

Can you think of any more adjectives or adverbs to describe weather for our A-Z poem.  

English Miss M 

Friday - Join Miss M at 9am for an introduction to author Neal Layton and details of how to log into our super special crowdcast live with the author at 11am.  

A YouTube link will then be sent to you via Class Dojo

Love of Reading

STORY TIME live session on Teams at 13:00 - 13:30  Tuesdays and Thursdays - your chance to read a poem of YOUR choice/composition.  Let Miss M know your choice.

There are so many e books, audio books and videos of authors reading which you can access online via the links on our school Love of Reading page.   



Other subjects 

Thursday - World Book Day afternoon special task

Join Miss M at 1pm for details of how to be part of creating our own KS2 book.

KS2 are creating a living history book full of your contributions and memories based on the past year of the coronavirus pandemic.

You could:

  • draw a picture/poster about the 'new normal'
  • write a poem about your experience of lockdown and school closure (like Laurence's one shared last week)
  • write a day in the life diary or news article
  • take photographs to make a montage of images about your life in 2020-21

At 1pm Miss M will show you how to contribute to a special wordle made up of all the KS2 children's memories of the past year.  'The Power Of Words' collaboration will then be shared with our community and included in the book.

Friday Wellbeing Activities 

Poetry fun - Afternoon Actvities- Friday 5th March.pdf

Physical activity

Please support the PTA whilst you get some physical activity and do Miss M's activity trail  Poster.pub


Worship and Reflection

Join us for our Friday celebration with your hot chocolate and details of your acts of kindness.