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The New Forest Church of England Primary School

Hamptworth Year 5

This page will outline suggested daily learning opportunities for your children to access at home. We have created a proposed timetable to give structure to the children's day. 

Day Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Love of Reading
Monday Mathematics English  Science Physical Activity  Share a story 
Tuesday Mathematics English R.E. Physical Activity  Share a story
Wednesday Mathematics English Geog/History Physical Activity Share a story
Thursday Mathematics English Art/DT/Music Collective Worship/Reflection time Share a story
Friday Mathematics English Mrs Whittaker's Topic Time Physical Activity  Share a story


Friday 3rd April. See below for today's tasks.

Do upload your learning to your portfolio if you can. I will 'like' your learning to show you that I have seen your work and try and comment upon one of your pieces of learning.

I will be available via Class Dojo during the school day, if you need to message me.  Mrs Perry 

Mathematics Learning


Revision of learning this week

Log onto Purple Mash. You will see that you have a '2do' all about short division with remainders.

Main Activity

What? Division problem solving

Today, use your knowledge of division that you have learned this week to help you solve some problems.

See the problems on the Powerpoint slide below. Then complete pages 36-38.

Try to mark your learning as you go through using the answers on the last slide of the PowerPoint.

As this is the end of the unit- you may also complete the end of unit check. The answers are also below. 

 Unit 7 end of unit check.pptxDownload
 Unit 7 lesson 11.pptxDownload
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English Learning

Guided Reading

What? Book Review

You have now had two weeks to read at home each day. Have you read a book that you have really enjoyed? Maybe you have read a book that you didn't enjoy too much, or you have one book that is your absolute favourite. Today write a book review for other children to read.  Use the template below tor create your own. 



Can you guess what type of letter you might be writing today?

What? Informal and formal letters.

Using your comparison sheet that you completed yesterday,try writing your own formal letter the Prime Minister. Write to them explaining how you are feeling about our current situation. Think about the features you might need to use. I think this letter will be very different from the one you wrote yesterday.

To help you I have also included a checklist of features to go with the list you have already made. Compare your list with mine and see how many you managed to find!

 A Book Review by.docDownload
 example text formal.docxDownload
 example text informal.docxDownload
 Genre Features Checklists.pdfDownload
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Curriculum Learning

Mrs Whittaker's Topic Time. 

Please see Mrs Whittaker's page for her weekly task.



Join Joe Wickes every morning at 9am for a half an hour PE session. It's great fun!

Can you beat your score from yesterday?  Try with a smaller ball (if you dont have one you could try a pair of socks that have been folded over together) if you found the task quite easy. and want more of a challenge!

Continuing the theme of throwing and catching, I want you to try and challenge yourself. First of all practise throwing the ball up in the air and catching it. Then, once you throw the ball in the air, see how many times you can clap before you need to catch it again. Please make sure you do this outside and have some space!

Or you could continue your adapted circuit training.

Share a story

choose a story today that you just simple LOVE. Enjoy reading it. You may even want to share it with a family member and tell them why you love the book so much!