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The New Forest Church of England Primary School

Oaks Year 2

This page will outline suggested daily learning opportunities for your children to access at home. We have created a proposed timetable to give structure to the children's day. 

Day Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Love of Reading
Monday Mathematics English  Science Physical Activity  Share a story 
Tuesday Mathematics English R.E. Physical Activity  Share a story
Wednesday Mathematics English Geog/History Physical Activity Share a story
Thursday Mathematics English Art/DT/Music Collective Worship/Reflection time Share a story
Friday Mathematics English Mrs Whittaker's Topic Time Physical Activity  Share a story


Here is today's learning:- Friday 3rd April           HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

Mathematics Learning


Learning Objective: I can add/ subtract 10 to any given number between 0 and 100

Ask your Mum, Dad, brother or sister to tell you a two digit number and to say 'plus 10' or 'minus 10'. You then have to say the answer. 

Top tip: Remember the tens will change but the ones will stay the same.


Main Activity

Learning Objective: I can solve number problems.

Draw Easter eggs with the correct numbers on them to show the answers to the questions.

  1. Draw 3 Easter eggs that all show an EVEN number.
  2. Draw 3 Easter eggs that all show an ODD number.
  3. Draw 3 Easter eggs that all show a multiple of 10 .
  4. Draw 3 Easter eggs that show a multiple of 5.
  5. Draw 3 Easter eggs that show pairs of numbers that total 30.
  6. Draw 3 Easter eggs that shows pairs of numbers that total 50.
  7. Draw 3 Easter eggs that show a subtraction sentence of which the answer is 4.
  8. Draw 3 Easter eggs that shows pairs of number with a difference of 5.

  Top tip and clue: 2 and 7 have a difference of 5!


English Learning

Learning Objective: I can make an Easter card of my choosing and write inside using my joined up writing skills.

Choose how you would like to make an Easter card, it can be a drawing, a collage, a card with a moving part. In your most beautiful handwriting ever, write a message inside the card to the person you would like to send it too.

Here are some ideas for your card  on this page but you can choose your own design.


Practice your reading skills by reading at least 3 pages of your reading book. Remember if you come across a tricky word then you can:

  1. Look at the picture for a clue.
  2. Break the word down and sound it out.
  3. Read the other words around it to help give you clues.

 For those of you that would like something a little different, David Walliams is reading his books at 11am each morning. Here's the link if you want a listen:



Curriculum Learning


Learning Objective: I can sing a familiar song

Hey everyone, we thought we should celebrate the end of the term by all singing Spring Chicken!

Click on the You tube link below for the tune and the words. Parents, fell free to join in too!





Physical Education

You can keep fit by joining in with daily Physical Education led by Joe Wicks, the famous body coach. The sessions start on You Tube and will be shown at 9am each day. Look for Joe Wicks, P.E. Daily Live.