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The New Forest Church of England Primary School

Pines Year 1

This page will outline suggested daily learning opportunities for your children to access at home. We have created a proposed timetable to give structure to the children's day. 

Day Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Love of Reading
Monday Mathematics English  Science Physical Activity  Share a story 
Tuesday Mathematics English R.E. Physical Activity  Share a story
Wednesday Mathematics English Geog/History Physical Activity Share a story
Thursday Mathematics English Art/DT/Music Collective Worship/Reflection time Share a story
Friday Mathematics English Mrs Whittaker's Topic Time Physical Activity  Share a story


Here is today's learning Friday 3rd April       

 This is the the last update before the Easter break. I have put a link in for the Easter song we were learning, 'Spring Chicken'.  Have a healthy and peaceful Easter

Take care of yourselves.

Mrs Neale xx

Mathematics Learning


Can you write some subtraction number sentences. Start with the number 20 and see how many you can think of.

Main Activity

 I've addedsome measuring and place value activities to Mathletics fo you to have a go at if you wish

LO- Using number bonds to 10 and twenty


 Here are some fun easter themed additions for you to have a go at over the next few days.

Easter Maths Addition to 20.pdf

Just write the answers if you don't want to print!

English Learning


This week  we are looking at the er, ir, ur sounds. Today we'll recap all of the sounds.

Can you spell the different er/ur/ir words? You might want to ignore the last 2 columns.

To save printing the sheets, you could just look at the pictures and write or sound the letters out loud. Grown ups could support this by drawing a 'sound button' (a dot) for every sound that needs to be written.


The phonics comic in this link revises one a few we have covered recently.


 Writing and reading

LO: To sequence events from a story.

 Have another look at the story from yesterday (link below) Can you draw 3 pictures to show what happened in the right order from the story. Or you can print out the sequencing activity to do. 



Easter Journal Sequencing Activity.pdf

Curriculum Learning


Learning Objective: I can sing a familiar song

This week would have been our Easter Service and we had been learning the song 'Spring Chicken!'   

Click on the You tube link below for the tune and the words. Parents, it's very catchy! Join in as well and you can sing it all weekend and entertain relatives via your social media of choice!


RE link

Here is an idea for an Easter garden from today's English activity.

Easter Garden Craft.pdf


Can you draw a map of your house and garden?

Maybe you could add in some labels to name different parts of your garden.

Science- Seasonal changes

Here are 2 things you might like to do throughout the week.

1) Can you keep a diaryof the weather each day? Draw a symbol to show what the weather is like and draw ehat clothes you are wearing.

2) Look in your garden or if you go for a walk. How many different spring flowers can you see. Maybe you coulddraw some or choose a few to stick in your book.

 RE- This week in school we would be thinking about Easter.

Can you make an Easter card? Maybe for someone who doesn't live in your house that you can send in the post!

You could link in this weeks maths and weigh some ingredients to make chocolate egg nest cakes

Physical Development

Andy from Cbeebies is doing some 'Wild Workouts'. Andy travels the world to amazing places and learns to move like the animals he meets on his wild adventure. 



Joe Wicks is showing daily PE sessions for children who are off school. Look on his YouTube channel 'The Body Coach TV'  at 9am each day Monday - Friday - Enjoy!