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Woodside EYFS

This page will outline suggested daily learning opportunities for your children to access at home. We have created a proposed timetable to give structure to the children's day. 

Day Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Story Time
Monday Phonics and Writing Discovery Time 1 Number, Shape and Measure Discovery time 2 Share a story 
Tuesday Phonics and Writing Discovery Time 1 Number, Shape and Measure Discovery time 2 Share a story
Wednesday Phonics and Writing Discovery Time 1 Number, Shape and Measure Discovery time 2 Share a story
Thursday Phonics and Writing Discovery Time 1 Number, Shape and Measure Discovery time 2 Share a story
Friday Phonics and Writing Discovery Time 1 Number, Shape and Measure Discovery time 2 Share a story

Here is today's learning:- Friday 3rd April 2020

Phonics, reading and writing

Timings: This can take as long as you would like. Let the children be your guide, it may be that you only do parts of the session. In class we would only have the children on the carpet for 15 minutes and then we would carry out phonic based activities for a further 20 minutes. The phonic based activities would be more practical and active. 

 LO- Recap the digraph 'er'  

Can the children think of any words with an 'er' digraph? Can the children listen for the sounds they hear and make a list of 'er' words?  Add sound buttons to the words they generate. 

flower/ shower/ letter/ sister / never / blister 

Sentence Work -  

Choose some of the words from your list to write a short sentence. Remember full stops , capital letters and finger spaces! 

Can you include a tricky word in your sentence? 


You may think our phonic sessions are repetitive. This is planned this way on purpose to embed the learning taking place. 

Share a reading book, can you predict the ending? Could you change the ending to make it different? Who are the main characters? Talk about the front cover, what does it tell us? What is the name of a person who writes a book? What is the name of a person who draws the pictures? 

Number, Shape and Measure

Can we say the days of the week in order? Do we know the months of the year? Do we know which one comes next from a given month? 


Write numbers from 0-10 (extend to 20 as needed)  on post its, can you ask the children to put them in the correct order from smallest to largest? Largest to smallest? 

Main Session: 2D Shape Hunt  

You will need a camera or tablet for this task. 

Either by looking around your home and garden or maybe out for a walk or cycle. Can you spot 2D shapes in the environment? Take a photograph of what you have found. See if you can find some shapes in an unusual place! 


Useful resources:




Have a look for the caterpillar ordering activity. Try ordering numbers to 10 and then 20. 

Have a go at the under water counting game. Can you win the treasure?


Junk Modelling

Start saving your junk modelling! Any boxes, packaging, paper that you have start saving for model making. All you need is scissors, masking tape/sellotape and ideas! Make anything from vehicles, houses for toys, a village, fairy/ elf houses for the garden, animals... The list is endless! 


 The Garden

 At this time of year we would normally be getting the children to prepare our vegetable patch. We understand that some of you will not have any seeds or resources for this but if you do here are some ideas:

Plant a seed (sunflower is a good one) and keep a very simple diary 

Talk about what plants need to make them grow - how do we look after plants?

Can you make your own small vegetable patch?

Make a minibeast hotel using wood, bricks, stones...

Go on a minibeast hunt. How many did you find? Can you draw them?

Can you paint/ chalk/ draw  a flower from your garden? 


Discovery Time

Here is a suggested list of activities you can try this week during discovery time. 

Cress Heads - Use a potato to grow your cress. Use a spoon to scoop out a small section at the top of the potato. Put damp cotton wool in the scooped out area and sprinkle your cress seeds. Watch over the next few days.... what's happening? 

Easter Cooking - If ingredients allows make some Easter nests. BBC good food has some simple recipes.  You can swap shredded wheat for other cereals. 

Easter Egg Hunt - Can the children cut out some Easter egg shapes for Mummy or Daddy to hide? You could even number them and order the numbers as you find them. 

Chocolate Play Dough - usual play dough recipe just add cocoa powder to make it chocolate. Can the children make and decorate eggs? 

Egg and Spoon Races - you may need to use a potato and spoon instead Woodside! Who's the fastest runner in your house? 

Easter Egg Decorating - be as creative as you like. Paint, chalk or colour on card / paper or if you have some spare decorate a real egg. 


Physical Development 

Joe Wicks is showing daily PE sessions for children who are off school. Look on his YouTube channel 'The Body Coach TV'  at 9am each day Monday - Friday - Enjoy! 


Skills for Life 

Would this be a good time to practice some of our life skills Woodside?

Can you dress and undress yourselves without help? Can you manage buttons, zips, buckles? Can you use and knife and fork to eat your meals? Can you use the toilet without help? Can you cut with scissors?

Keep working on these when you have time! 


Play dough

We use play dough a lot in Woodside. Its fantastic for developing fine motor skills but also great for encouraging children to use their imagination and make a range of different objects/animals/made up creatures/food etc... We understand that getting to the shops is not easy and ingredients are getting harder to purchase! so this might not be an option for some.