Brambles Year 6 Class Journal. 

Today was Forest Friday! In the forest, we observed our local environment, much like Darwin would have done when he explored new lands on his voyage! We collected samples of different plants, seeds and insects. We then used these to create our own classroom Herbarium. We learnt about how important it was for Darwin to collect all of this valuable information. Some of the samples he collected no longer exist today - the plants have become extinct!





Today, we worked together in groups to research different aspects of the life of Charles Darwin, we found out about his voyage on the Beagle, the difficult relationship that he had with his father and how he wanted to be a priest before he became a naturalist. This research will come in very handy when we write our biographies next week!

This term, our topic is Evolution and Inheritance.

Our Big Question is: The Theory of Evolution, The Creation Story or Both?

We are reading : 



This term we will be focusing on the Theory of Evolution, today children were introduced to the word: evolution and began to discuss their understanding. We used partner talk and discussed similarities and differences between different species of animal and how animals change and adapt over long periods of time. 


We then drew our own fictional creatures from alien worlds, considering carefully how they have adapted to the habitat they are in.