Brambles Year 6 

Mr Liam Day

Supported by Mrs Sabine Auras

Parent Information. 

Term Curriculum Letter:

 Brambles Class Autumn Term Curriculum News letter

Brambles Weekly Home Learning Tasks:

  • Daily independent reading is recommended with a minimum of 3 times a week – ideally some of which will still be with an adult.  Please can an adult sign the child’s reading record card on a weekly basis.
  • Spellings will be set on a weekly basis. 
  • Targeted Maths Challenges set on Mathletics/Purple Mash to support arithmetic skills.
  • Occasional Topic or English related home-learning tasks will be communicated in child’s Home-Learning journal as well as being recorded on class website page.
  • Occasional Grammar and Punctuation tasks set on


Current Home Learning Task: 

Friday 13th September 2019 (due on Wednesday 18th September)

Mathletics: Children have been set their next set of Mathletics tasks to complete based off of this weeks learning in the classroom. 


  • Partition and Rename
  • Put in Order
  • Nearest 100
  • Adding multi-digit numbers

Brambles Class Blog.

Week 2 Autumn term.

Science - 

Today we started our first Science topic: The Circulatory System! We used everyday ingredients to create our own blood smoothie. During the experiment, we learnt about the four main components found in blood:

  • red blood cells
  • white blood cells 
  • plasma 
  • platelets

We learnt about what each component does and found that our blood smoothie looked similar to what our blood would look like under a microscope!

"I already know that blood carries oxygen around the body but I have now learnt about plasma and platelets. I worked well today because I finished on time and did my extension set by the teacher."