Hamptworth Year 5

Mrs Catherine Hughes & 

Mrs Deb Mockford (Thursdays) 

Supported by Mrs Sabine Auras

Curriculum co-ordinated by Miss Morland and 

Mrs Whittaker

Our Parent information:


Veni, Vidi, Vici - click here for full details

Year Curriculum 'Map' Long Term Plan 

End of Year 5 Expectations 


 Ongoing home-learning and organisational information: 

  • PE Thursday and Friday - please make sure all pupils have correct kit for Thursdays and Fridays. PE kit is sent home on Fridays for hygiene purposes but needs to be back in school ideally on Monday! 
  • Individual reading /or to an adult minimum 3 times per week—daily if possible. Independent use of First News app  also encouraged.  Please sign your child’s reading card.
  • Individual maths (number facts) target work as directed by teacher. Independent use of Mathletics and Purple Maths encouraged.
  • Regular spelling revision and learning of Year 5/6 spelling target words as directed by teacher.
  • Regular punctuation and grammar tasks
  • General piece of home-learning relating to a specific curriculum subject (Maths/English/Science/Topic) when appropriate .

Written details will be in the Home-learning Journal and on this website page. 

Current Home - Learning Tasks for: week ending 22nd June 2019 updated each week by Miss M

Learn song words for Shakespeare Rocks - SONG BOOK click here

First News comprehensions due in Monday for Miss M to mark with you

Maths - Mrs Mockford has given you your weekly arithmetic test.  Please have this back in school to mark and discuss on THURSDAY next week

If you find anything tricky, use the SATs revision book that you will be assigned to keep at home until after the Year 6 SATS.  If you are still unsure DON'T WORRY as Mrs Mockford and your peers will help you improve over the next term.   

In addition, Mrs Hughes is working with you on improving your rapid recall of Multiplication and Division facts - so if you don't know your times tables you need to secure them before Year 6.

SPAG - assigned by Miss M using SPAG.com and the SATs revision book that you will be assigned to keep at home until after the Year 6 SATS.  

In addition, you need to work on your spelling target words.  WALK, JOG, RUN.

Reading - This term we will be doing whole class reading rather than guided reading groups - please return any outstanding books. 

For home learning you will all have First News paper copies of tasks to do each week (assigned by Miss M) due MONDAY: 

  1.  YOU can choose between two levels of difficulty. 
  2.  Level 1 children should focus on answering the comprehension questions in full sentences - MAKE A POINT.  
  3. Level 2 children should aim to MAKE A POINT and find EVIDENCE in the text to support your answer.
  4. This will build up in Year 6 to P.E.E. - point, evidence, explanation.
  5.  You will mark these each week.

  • INDEPENDENT - Please read a minimum of 3 times a week (15mins a session) ideally daily and have your card signed.  Do not record your guided reading on the card as that is separate.
  • First News iHUB remains available for free use




100 books to try and read before you leave Year 6!

Here by popular demand, the 100 books list! 

Click Here to Download!