Langley Year 4 

Mrs Kerry Barnes

Supported by Mrs Becci Scott,

Mrs Jane Hayward - Sports coach


End of Year 4 Expectations

 Ongoing home-learning information and organisational details. 

  • Gymnastics Tuesday am and Rugby / Hockey on Thursday pm in Term 3.  
  • Reading with an adult at least 3 times a week and ideally daily independent reading. Please can an adult sign the child’s reading record card on a weekly basis in order for Dojo points to be awarded.
  • Spellings will be set weekly.  We will build up to 15 spellings per week and this is linked to the spelling rule taught in class.  
  • Two activities per week are set on Mathletics to support the ongoing learning in class.  There is a link to an additional Mathletics booklet opposite for anyone wishing to carry out additional maths tasks at home.
  • Occasional topic or English related home-learning tasks will be communicated in child’s Home-Learning journal as well as being recorded on class website page.

Home Learning Journals are collected in on a Thursday and checked to ensure the spelling work has been completed.  The Mathletics activities are also checked on a Thursday.  Signed reading cards need to be handed in on a Friday for checking.   


Click on the links below to access additional information documents.

Curriculum Newsletters

 Langley Class Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Newsletter.pptxDownload
 Langley Class Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Newsletter.pptxDownload
 Langley Class Spring Term 1 Curriculum Newsletter.pptxDownload
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Spelling Homework

 17th January 2020 A.docxDownload
 17th January 2020 B.docxDownload
 17th January 2020 C.docxDownload
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Termly Project

 Fowl Fairies homework.docxDownload
 It's Electric homework.docxDownload
 Victorian homework.docxDownload
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Additional Maths Booklets

 Addition and subtraction answer booklet.pdfDownload
 Length, perimeter and area answer booklet.pdfDownload
 Multiplication and division answer booklet.pdfDownload
 Student addition and subtraction booklet.pdfDownload
 Student length, perimeter and area booklet.pdfDownload
 Student multiplication and division booklet.pdfDownload
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