KS1 - Lyndhurst Road, Landford, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 2AE - KS2 - School Road, Nomansland, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 2BY


The New Forest Church of England Primary School

Langley Year 4 

Miss Caroline Morland & Mrs Jayne Roderick (Thurs)

Supported by:  Mrs Steph Cooper each morning 

Mrs Sarah Mansbridge (Wed-Fri pm for intervention support)


Download your copy of the Parents Information leaflet here:  

End of Year 4 Expectations

Ongoing information and organisational details. 

  • Please ensure children have a coat and water bottle in school EVERY DAY.  On sunny days, hats are essential for safety.
  • Our PE lessons are Wednesday with Mrs Scott Gymnastics.  Thursday with Mrs Roderick on alternate weeks.   Children should come into school in PE kit (shorts under tracksuit bottoms) with a school sweater or school sports hoody over the school t-shirt. Please make sure that earrings are removed.  If children are unable to remove due to new piercings/infection please tape over fully at front and back with micropore.
  • Children can have a snack for mid morning break.

Home-learning is posted onto our Class Dojo page each week.


  • Each child will have a reading book in school.  Another reading book and free-choice 'Love of Reading' book can be scanned out of our class library and brought home.
  • The return date for reading books is MONDAY only.  Children put their returned items in our class book quarantine.  
  • We ask that ALL children read with an adult at least 3 times a week and ideally do daily independent reading.   This year we are not using home-school 'reading records'.  Instead we will post a weekly reading portfolio activity.  If parents post a photo OR a journal note confirming the child has read a minimum of 3 times in the week we will reward with a dojo housepoint.  



  • Maths tasks are coming home each week to consolidate written methods learnt in Year 3 and 4.  


  • Termly home-learning projects using Purple Mash will be communicated via Class Dojo.  Purple Mash 

    What are the different ways of portraying a character’s personality?

Information On National Multiplication Tests for Year 4

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Term 5

Our topic is:  All Things Bright And Beautiful - from the rainforest to our forest.

The key question for this unit is:  

How can we protect the world around us?

In this topic we are looking at classifying living things in science and our trips to the Forest.  We are contrasting our Forest with the Amazon Rainforest (and other rainforests). 

We will be reading extracts of contemporary novels  'Explorer', 'Journey to the River Sea' and the classic 'Jungle Book'.  Using these extracts we will describe the rainforests in a range of complex sentences.  Having explored a wide range of sentence structures we will then apply them in persuasive writing looking at the deforestation of our rainforests.  

In Maths with Miss M we continue to understand fractions in arithmetic but are also looking at statistics (graphs).  

On Thursday's with Mrs Roderick we will be reading and writing Amazonian folk tales.  Our maths with Mrs R is Time and Calendar.  Our Geography is mapping skills that support our rainforest study.  Alternate Thursdays see us at the Rec doing Tag Rugby with Year 3.

A busy term full of Gymnastics with Mrs Scott, more coding in computing, PSHE, French, and 'Lean on Me' in music with Mrs Auras.  

Finally in art we are looking at the jungle art of Henri Rousseau - a lovely contrast to our previous study of William Morris,  We will finally have the chance to do our printing in 4 colours.