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The New Forest Church of England Primary School

Dynamic Dividers

Our 9am Maths group for Year 4

We are asking you to be caught up as we are moving onto Book 4B.  Most of you are fine, but some had missed bits due to technology.   So this temporary page is for your 'Catch up checklist'

Practice Book 4A Unit 5

  1. Lesson 1 - guide and page references  
  2. Lesson 2 - guide and page reference
  3. Lesson 3 and 4 - guide and page references
  4. Lesson 5 - guide and page references
  5. Lesson 6 - guide and page references
  6. Lesson 7 - guide and page reference
  7. Lesson 8 - guide and page references
  8. Lesson 9  - guide and page references
  9. Lesson 10, 11 and end of unit check on main page

Make sure everything is marked and Reflections explanation are detailed. Answer book

Reflect 2 Perfect comments have been requested for this week's lessons.............Today I have tried.....Today I was successful when.......Today I have learnt........


Unit 5 extension task - DEEPEN UNDERSTANDING and answers

Unit 3 answers if still needed

Unit 4 answers if still needed