Langley Year 4 

Term 2

The  focus for our second term has been the study of electricity.  We have enjoyed making different circuits using electrical components and investigating which materials conduct or insulate electricity.  Tomorrow we will be holding our Great Exhibition where parents will have a chance to see our fantastic electrical inventions we have designs to make a positive difference to the world.  Also featuring at the Great Exhibition will be our 2-page spreads on Dr Barnardo, our watercolour paintings depicting the school vision on our local Methodist church (as designed on our Forest Friday) and our class dance.  We have been working hard on our class dance as a way of promoting teamwork.  

Other highlights for this term have been our visit to the Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation synagogue, making pinhole cameras using Victorian knowledge and our ICT work on editing HTML.  We particularly enjoyed editing the school web page to replace the different members of staff with choices of our own.

Term 1

Our topic for this first term has been 'Victorians - Power Divided'.  We have looked at the inequality between rich and poor, men and women as well as adults and children.  Highlights for this topic have been our Victorian School Day,  the visit to Beaulieu Motor Museum and the exploration of the Victorian artefacts loaned to us by the County Wardrobe.  We also enjoyed trying out the different Victorian games on our Forest Friday.