Oaks Year 2 Information for Term 3

'Into the Unknown!'

This term’s learning is centered around the theme ‘Into the Unknown’.  This topic links History, English and Art to enable the children to research the lives of famous and fictional explorers.  Within our English learning we will continue to read for meaning and use our reading skills to help us find out about the lives of famous people.  In writing we will revisit time connectives and conjunctions, as well as developing the skills of writing to engage the reader.  Within our History learning we shall use our skills of chronology to sequence events and use inference and deduction to evaluate a range of sources. 

 Geography – identifying on a map and globe key places where the explorers traveled including continents and seas.

Outside learning – we will begin to explore the four main compass points and associated directional language.

Science – we will be learning about materials and their properties, and exploring the suitability of different materials for a range of purposes.

PE – PE will now be held on Wednesday, however please ensure that PE kit is in school at all times should the day change.

RE – Discovery unit Theme: Passover. The children will continue to learn about the Jewish faith alongside Christianity and will discuss the question:  How important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks them to do? Through this learning the children will explore the Jewish Seder meal.


On Wednesday 8th January, Year 2 will be joining with Year 5 for the school's Big Story Day. We will be focusing on the Epiphany and what it means to Christians. We will promote our R.E. learning through the use of our D.T skills as we explore different nets for 3D shapes to create gift boxes. Inside each box, we will write or draw aspects of Epiphany that are important to Christians.










Home Learning  - Please continue to support your child with their termly spellings. When you child can spell the words in isolation, then they could write short sentences to show how the word is used in context.

We also value any time that you spend hearing your child read, and sharing a range of texts (both non fiction and fiction). As your child develops as a confident reader then you can encourage the further skills of intonation; changing the voice slightly when a character speaks or speaking at a different volume if the text is presented in a large font. If your child tends to read in a 'mumbly fashion' then they need to begin to understand the use of punctuation when reading so encourage a breath at a full stop of a short breath at a comma. Children also need to be able to discuss what they have read to show they have understood the text. This can be done by asking your child simple questions about the text, or to extend the children's thinking further you could ask them to begin to share their opinion about what they have read eg. their thoughts about a characters behavior.

There is also Matheletics and Purple Mash to access for general use. Each child should have their own log in information which was issued during Term 1. 

 Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 


Dates for the diary:

*Please note that P.E will now be on Wednesday afternoon.

*Parents are invited in on Thursday 13th February at 2.50pm to share the outcome of of learning unit, 'Into the Unknown'. Children are invited to dress up on this day as an explorer of their choice.



Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.