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Hello from Year 2

Welcome to Oaks.

We hope you enjoy looking at our Year 2 page.



We celebrated the end of our 'Explorer topic' by dressing as an explorer of our choice. We shared the outcome with the parents and invited them in to class to eat moon cookies we had made and take part in our Explorer quiz. 

Look at what we have been up to in our outside learning! We were like real explorers and used a compass to find North, South, East and West. We worked in partners and used a dome to show the different compass points. We also had time time reflect on the beauty of nature by looking at the frosted spiderwebs we found and used our observational skills to sketch the trees in winter. 

We have been researching the life of the explorer, Tom Crean. We have drawn the ship that he and Robert Scott sailed on when they went to Antarctica. The ship was the Terra Nova which means 'new land'. 

We had the challenge in science of helping Edward Xaviar Plorer, a fictional explorer. Whilst on an expedition to the North Pole, Edward's coat was ripped by a fearless polar bear. He only had limited materials with him, our job was to find out which material would be the best used to repair the coat. The material needed to be waterproof and warm.

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Inspired by the explorers Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake, the children created their own moon images using textured paint and bottle lids to help create the look of craters! 

Into The Unknown! is our new class topic for Term 3. The topic started with the children solving 4 mystery puzzles and were asked the questions 'Who are these people? What do you think they do? Are they someone who is alive today? What do all these people have in common?' Where do they come from?' . 

Big Story Day January 2020! During the school's Big Story Day, Year 2 and Year 5 children explored the significance of the star within the Christmas Story. The children discussed that the star appeared to the Wise Men and led them to the new baby King. The new baby King was Jesus and he was sent to bring hope to the world. The Year 5 children made stars to represent new hope, Year 2 children made gift boxes to represent the gifts and all children reflected upon themselves and thought of their own 'hope'/ 'wish' for themselves for the future. 

Term 2: Christmas 2019. We all took part in the Christmas Performance of Hey Ewe! We also all celebrated Christmas by having a whole school lunch in the local village hall and had a special visitor (Father Christmas!) who came to our classroom. He gave us each a gift and many of us each gave a gift to Father Christmas to contribute to a local charity to help others at Christmas time who are as not as fortunate as ourselves. 

Term 2: As part of our outside learning, we explored leaf shapes and made a leaf garland as part of a natural Christmas decorations. We also began to look at the the four points on the compass. 

Term 2: Anti bullying week commenced week beginning 11th November. Year 2 discussed bullying and how to combat it. We coloured pictures of odd socks to celebrate that we are all unique and are proud to be different from each other. 

Term 2: As part of our learning on 'We are what we eat', we have been using our observational skills to create images of pineapples through looking closely at the pattern on them.

Term 2: As part of our learning we have been exploring recipes. We have had fun writing some revolting recipes inspired by the story 'The Disgusting Sandwich'  by Gareth Edwards and also we have followed real recipes and made rock cakes.

Term 2: At the end of November, we all made Christingles and gave them to be part of the local church service. We discussed what each part of the Christingle symbolized for Christians. 

Autumn Term 1: Historical inquiry activity: Who does this suitcase belong to? What clues do we have? Children investigate clues to aid their Titanic learning.

Classroom learning.

Outside learning.

As part of our science learning we planted bulbs. Have a look at us planting our bulbs. We have named our own bulbs to see whose bulb grows first in the Spring!

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