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Pines Year 1 Information

Term 4 'The Whale and The Snail'

In our topic this term we will be looking at the Julia Donaldson book 'The Snail and The Whale.' We will be finding out about lots of sea creatures and trying to answer the question 'Do whales have teeth?' 


For our focus class target this term, we will be concentrating on using capital letters and full stops in our writing. We will use purple pens to show when we have edited our work.


Please use the links below to see the topic information letter and this term's spelling lists.

The Whale and The Snail term 4 2020.pdf

Term 4 cummalative spelling lists.pdf

Term 3 Letter formation targets

This term we are having a class focus on handwriting and letter formation. In Year 1 we introduce cursive handwriting and our aim is for most pupils to be attempting to join their writing by the end of the year in readiness for joined writing in Year 2.

Joined handwriting, or continuous cursive writing has been shown to help with the speed and fluidity of writing and also to help with spelling and reduce letter reversals. It is also thought to help children who may show some dyslexic tendencies.

This term we are going to try a new, whole class approach to encourage the children to think about letter formation. Each child will have a target card with an example of the correct letter formation on. We will teach the letter formation in letter group families, so all the letters that are formed in a similar way will be taught together. When we see the children forming letters correctly we will tick their target card and once they have 3 ticks they will earn a star to show they are forming that letter correctly and move onto the next one.

The targets will be individual and we will not be comparing children, so each child can focus on improving from their starting point.

We have attached a copy below of the formation card we will be using as a reference for you to use at home.    

 handwriting formation.pptx

Home Learning

Phonics homework- This will be set weekly on a Thursday  and will be checked the following Thursday by a staff member. We will be sending out spellings for the whole term.

This year we are trying a cummulative apporach to help embed the learning of the tricky words. There are 5 words for week 1, then the original 5 plus 5 more for week 2 and finally 5 more plus the original 10 for week 3. The words are Year 1 common exception words. Each week in class we will check how the children are getting on with these words. For the remaining weeks of term we will have 'lucky dip' spellings using a selection of the 15 words they have learnt. 

Regular reading – ideally your children should be reading at least 3 times a week. If your child is a reluctant reader remember ‘little and often’ – a page or two regularly is better than a long battle. Please come and speak to one of us if you would like any further advice.
Please be aware of fluency, accuracy, and understanding of the text, expression and their ability to follow punctuation. This is also a time when you can ask them to re-tell part of the story, to predict what might happen and to question them about the characters, setting and plot. Your child should also be developing his/her opinion of the text and considering how and why events are happening.
This term we are introducing a star reward system for home learning. Each child  will be given a sticker at the end of each week if they have read three times and completed phonics homework. When they have a full set of stickers they will receive a certifificate.

Term 3 cummalative spelling lists.docx

Yr1 T3 Castles 2020.doc

Parent Leaflet - Year 1.pdf