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The New Forest C of E Primary School and Nursery

Our home-school support materials

Home-learning is about providing an opportunity to reinforce and practise the learning that happens in school.

Specific homework is set by the class teacher and will be outlined on the individual class page. Homework expectations for each year group are set out in the current curriculum letter on each class page

An overview of our homework through the whole school can be viewed here: insert link

The following documents have been written or adapted and approved for our parents to use when supporting children at home. Hopefully our home-school support materials will help you understand the same language and strategies we use in school 'now-a-days'.  However, if in doubt ask us and we will be happy to clarify anything.

Maths support documents: 


Our addition strategies poster + Our_addition_strategies.pdf

Our subtraction strategies poster - Our_subtraction_strategies.pdf

Our multiplication strategies poster x Our_multiplication_strategies.pdf

Our division strategies poster / Our_division_strategies.pdf

Please remember that the age range on these posters is just for guidance - some children will be using these strategies earlier than others; whilst many older children like to use more visual strategies as their confidence with 'standard effficient methods' develops.

 Year 5/6 Mental Maths Targets - live in September

Year 5/6 comprehensive support booklet addition/subtraction  - live in September  

Year 5/6 comprehensive support booklet multiplication/division - Supporting_your_KS2_child_with_multiplication_and_division.pdf


Literacy support documents: 


Reading support booklet  Supporting_your_childs_reading.pdf

Handwriting and Presentation support booklet


Spelling and phonics: - these words may be tested in school see homework for each class, otherwise they are available for home practise and testing.


Phonics Phase 2
Phonics Phase 3
Phonics Phase 4
Phonics Phase 5
School Spelling Phase 6
School Spelling Phase 7
National Curriculum (from Sept 2014) Lower KS2 and Upper KS2 spelling list