KS1 - Lyndhurst Road, Landford, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 2AE - KS2 - School Road, Nomansland, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 2BY


The New Forest C of E Primary School and Nursery

Nursery (Little Acorns) Mrs Puddle



All about me

Let’s celebrate

People who help us

Healthy bodies

Nature detectives

The ocean

Key Texts.

   Good Days Bad DaysThe Family BookHow Are You Feeling Today?: A Let's Talk picture book to help young children understand their emotionsRosie's Walk: 50th anniversary cased board book edition

Remember Remember The Fifth of NovemberWhat the Ladybird Heard at Christmas: The Perfect Christmas Gift (What the Ladybird Heard, 5)

 Clothesline Clues to Jobs People DoA Superhero Like You

 The Jolly Postman

 Oliver's Fruit SaladOliver's VegetablesGrowing Good

 Little Sunflower (Picture Flats)

 TiddlerPirates Love UnderpantsThe Rainbow FishPattern Fish (Math Is Fun!)




Fire station or police station.


Riverbourne community farm.


Key rhymes

A lady who swallowed a fly.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

One finger, one thumb keep moving.

Dingle dangle scarecrow.

I’m a little snowman.

Christmas pudding.

Row row row your boat.

I’m a firefighter song.

A sailor went to sea.

Happy and you know it.

Miss Polly had a dolly.

Jack and Jill.

Here we go around the mulberry bush.

Mary had a little lamb.

Old McDonald had a farm.

1 2 3 4 5 once I caught a fish…

Animals in the ocean.

The pirate song.

Communication & Language


Listen and respond to a simple instruction and enjoy listening to a range of stories.

Talk about a simple story. Building vocabulary. Enjoy listening to longer stories and can remember much of what happens.

Developing sentence structure and length. Respond to a two-part question or instruction as a group.

To develop basic conversation skills.  Use a wider range of vocabulary.


Developing understanding of vocabulary. Develop their communication to include sentences of four to six words.

Understand simple questions.

Use talk to organise themselves and their play.




Form relationships and manging emotions.


Establish their sense of self, awareness of others in play and building relationships.

Develop their sense of responsibility within the classroom.

Develop relationships, communicate emotions. Awareness of their own needs.


Developing independence, awareness of own needs. Solve conflicts.  Talk about emotions.


Noticing difference. Building sense of belonging to school community.  Awareness of the feelings of others.


Colours, matching & sorting


Number 1 & 2, subitising and patterns

Numbers 3, 4, 5 & 6 subitising

Height and length, mass & capacity

More/Fewer, one more, one less, 2D & 3D shapes

Number consumption, day & night, positional language

Understanding the World

The Natural world.

People and communities.

The natural world.  

Past and Present.

The natural world.

People and communities.  

The natural world.

People and communities.  

Past and Present.

The natural world.

Expressive Arts and Design


Use senses to explore media and materials.   Pretend play

Exploring paint and colour missing.

Take part in simple pretend play.

Manipulate and play with different materials. 

Inertially making marks.  Joining different materials. 

Make simple models which express their ideas. Develop complex stories in play. 

Notice patterns. Express ideas and feelings. Engaging in complex pretend pay.


Key Question: What makes people special?

Key Question: What is Christmas?

Key Question: How do people celebrate?

Key Question: What is Easter?

Key Question: What can we learn from stories?

Key Question: What makes places special?


Term 1 - This is me

Term 3 - People Who Help Us