The New Forest CofE Primary School & Nursery

Medication in school and medical advice

We are unable to administer any non-prescription medication. For further information on procedures relating to medication in school please refer to the following policies:

Supporting Learners with Medical Conditions Policy

Medication Administration Agreement Form

First Aid Policy

Helpful Health Links:

Allergy UK

Anaphylaxis Campaign

Change 4 Life

Independent Diabetes Trust

National Asthma Campaign

National Health Service (NHS)


Being a rural school on the edge of the New Forest many of our families are familiar with the risk of tick bites. The links below give a few simple explanations of the potential risks related to tick bites. Children are not allowed to play in our long meadow grass but spend a lot of time outside in our Meadow and playing field at Landford, Nomansland Recreation Ground and The New Forest. We would politely advise parents to be vigilant for ticks following any outdoor activity. Any ticks discovered during the school day will be reported to parents.

Ticks - Public Health England Fact Sheet

Head lice:

Head lice or nits are never very far way. We would politely request that parents check their children's hair at least one a week and treat the whole families' hair if any are found. There are many good quality products available for pharmacies and supermarkets. The school does not recommend any specific treatments but some of the following links may be sponsored by certain products.

NHS Head Lice Advice

Head Lice Information Leaflet

Once a week take a peek.

Medical Guidance

Scarlet Fever