The New Forest CofE Primary School & Nursery

British Values


At the New Forest School we aim to actively promote the fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and  mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs so that children leave school prepared for life in Modern Britain. 

Throughout the school children get a range of opportunities to learn about the British Values in more depth. Children are taught in a way that is appropriate to their age and the learning is progressive throughout the school. 

Ways that British Values are seen at The New Forest School:


The word democracy means “rule by the people.” It comes from the Ancient Greek words demos (“people”) and kratos (“rule”).  It is a fundamental British value, through which we acknowledge that everyone is entitled to contribute to how our country is run.

Opportunities: Voting for school council members, voting for stories, learning about democracy in our topic learning, pupil voice, pupils leading collective worships. 

Rule of Law:

An important part of British values is the understanding that any society or community can only work well, and protect all its members, if there are rules which everyone is expected to follow.

Opportunities: Learning and following school rules, sharing our values of fairness, carrying out 'bike ability' courses, and  following e-safety rules to keep everyone safe.

Individual Liberty:

The liberty of individuals, to be themselves, and to express themselves is an important part of our understanding of being British. 

Opportunities: PSHE scheme of learning builds children's self- knowledge and self esteem, encouraging pupils to be responsible for the choices that they make, using our school values of kindness, fairness and hope, teachers knowing children well, show and tell opportunities in class, and using purple pens to reflect on learning to make it even better.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance:

Respect and tolerance are vital in any civilised society, and have long been a key part of being British citizens. It is of the greatest importance that our children learn to understand and respect each other, and other members of our local and wider community.

Opportunities: Children are encouraged to be open to learning new skills, wide curriculum to build knowledge of the world, RE curriculum provides learning of a range of faiths and religions, and friendship buddies are put in place.