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The New Forest C of E Primary School and Nursery

'My Home-School Learning Journey' - aka homework!



In this section of our site, children and parents will find links to websites we recommend for home-learning. There are lots of fun things to do here. Support materials for parents are available as well.

Our school e-safety mascot 'Read', the red squirrel, appears next to the links on these pages. This means that these websites are a safer way for you to have fun on the internet whilst you learn. Our teachers have approved these websites for you to use with confidence.

Don't forget to ask your parents before going online!

If you want to suggest another site to be included in our links here - put the name of the website in the silver suggestions bowl (next to the 'Read' mascot) in the KS2 children's entrance. The teachers will check it out and include it here if appropriate.


More information for parents:  Home learning is about providing an opportunity to reinforce and practice the learning that happens in school.

Specific homework is set by a class teacher and will be outlined on the individual class page. Homework expectations for each year group are set out in the current curriculum letter on each class page.  

An overview of our homework expectations throughout the whole school can be viewed here.

On the 'home-school support materials' page are documents the school has written or adapted and approved for our parents to use when supporting children at home. Hopefully our home-school support materials will help you understand the same language and strategies we use in school 'now-a-days'. However if in doubt ask us and we will be happy to clarify anything.

Thank you for all your continued support to progress your child's learning alongside our work in school; your child may not thank you now but they will when they are older!