Brambles class

Year 6

Miss Morland, Mrs Malmberg, 

Mrs Wheeler- Osman

RIVERS - from source to sea

This term's curriculum letter is attached here 

Term 3 4 Evolution and Inheritance.pptx

Please see the end of Year 6 expectations:

Parent Leaflet - Year 4.pdf  (this is right but says Y4 for some reason)

Year 6 home-learning expectations are similar to those from last year, with the right hand column of this page always showing the latest updates.

Home-learning expectations:

Reading - All year 6 children are expected to read their own choice of book independently (and regularly to an adult) a minimum of three times each week.  Most children choose to read daily. They should record the pages read in the homework diary/record card and get an adult to sign/vouch for each week.  Housepoints available for completing your reading record as requested.

Copies of 'First News' are available in school to borrow and via First News iHub.  We also encourage membership of the local libraries and use of the school library.

Guided reading, 'Topic', English, Maths - see section on right for weekly expectations. 

Presentation skills - are very important and all home-learning writing should try to be neat and presented well enough to go straight into their curriculum book. Please try to keep the size of projects/research to A3/A4 so they can fit into the child’s book.   Typing instead of writing is fine but please make sure the child does not cut and paste huge chunks of text from the internet – we’d rather see less and make it the child’s own work.  The children will be encouraged to develop their skills in Word and Publisher this year

Organisation - All year 6 children are expected to have their green 'Reading, Spelling and Homework Diary' in class daily.  We recommend they use a document folder to help with organisation as well as a strong pencil case to keep their personal stationary and school issued pens in. Pencil cases can stay in school, or can be brought home-school daily.

PE will usually be Monday and Thursday afternoons - for the winter we will now stay based at school. 

Children should expect timetable changes, extra practise sessions and clubs – so HAVE PE KIT IN SCHOOL DAILY.  Each Monday make sure your have the correct kit (shin pads etc) for the week ahead.

This week's home-learning: 14/06/18 

Pantastic song book - Pantastic Songs Booklet.docx


Portland Outdoor Centre kit list please get everything named 

Residential information briefing copy from 8th June Meeting - Year 6 Residential Trip Briefing.pptx

ANNUAL SCHOOL PROJECT - participation expected by all 

Letter of information here

All Year 6 children MUST have their projects in no later than 11th June.  Exhibition on 14th.

Reading - ONGOING: Keep reading your personal choice of novel or the First News paper (see previous column).

You no longer HAVE to do First News iHub each week as it is now for guided reading in class.

SPAG & Spelling nothing new post-sats

Maths -ONGOING:  Active Learn and Mathletics still available to keep working on your personal target areas.  

Topic - None at the moment.