Brambles class

Year 6

Miss Morland, Mrs Malmberg, 

Mrs Wheeler- Osman

Survival of the fittest!

Evolution, Inheritance and Adaptation

This term's curriculum letter is attached here 

Incredible Invaders and Settlers

Please see the end of Year 6 expectations:

Parent Leaflet - Year 4.pdf  (this is right but says Y4 for some reason)

SATs week starts May 14th.

Year 6 home-learning expectations are similar to those from last year, with the right hand column of this page always showing the latest updates.

Home-learning expectations:

Reading - All year 6 children are expected to read their own choice of book independently (and regularly to an adult) a minimum of three times each week.  Most children choose to read daily. They should record the pages read in the homework diary and get an adult to sign/vouch for each week.  Housepoints available for completing your reading record as requested.

Copies of 'First News' are available in school to borrow and via First News iHub.  We also encourage membership of the local libraries and use of the school library.

Guided reading, 'Topic', English, Maths - see section on right for weekly expectations. 

Presentation skills - are very important and all home-learning writing should try to be neat and presented well enough to go straight into their curriculum book. Please try to keep the size of projects/research to A3/A4 so they can fit into the child’s book.   Typing instead of writing is fine but please make sure the child does not cut and paste huge chunks of text from the internet – we’d rather see less and make it the child’s own work.  The children will be encouraged to develop their skills in Word and Publisher this year

Organisation - All year 6 children are expected to have their green 'Reading, Spelling and Homework Diary' in class daily.  We recommend they use a document folder to help with organisation as well as a strong pencil case to keep their personal stationary and school issued pens in. Pencil cases can stay in school, or can be brought home-school daily.

PE will usually be Monday and Thursday afternoons - for the winter we will now stay based at school. 

Children should expect timetable changes, extra practise sessions and clubs – so HAVE PE KIT IN SCHOOL DAILY.  Each Monday make sure your have the correct kit (shin pads etc) for the week ahead.

This week's home-learning: February Half Term

Reading -  SATS practise paper 2014 - do it and discuss with your chosen adult.  You get 'test practise' in class and so use this as a chance to take your time and maximise the accuracy of your answers.  


Keep reading your personal choice of novel  and make sure you are filling in your reading record in homework diary/record card and getting it signed once a week.

Do each week's First News -

as this is a powerful tool for developing all reading skills.

ON HOLD OVER HALF TERM (unless you need to catch up!)

Horowitz - 'Skellig' by David Almond (MONDAY) - read next section and start questions (don't worry about finishing them for Monday).  Make sure all your improvements are finished for previous questions ready to be marked Monday.

Rowling - 'Ruby Holler’' by Sharon Creech (TUESDAY)  -  read next section and start questions (don't worry about finishing them for Tuesday).  Make sure all your reading is up to date and  improvements are finished for previous questions ready to be marked this Tuesday.

Walliams - 'Journey to the river sea’ by Eva Ibbotson (THURSDAY) -  read next section and start questions (don't worry about finishing them for Monday).  Make sure all your reading and improvements are finished for previous questions ready to be marked this Thursday. 

Fine - 'My Brother the Superhero' by David Solomans (FRIDAY) -  read Chapter 5 and start to answer question:  What does each boy think about Cara and Lara - use evidence from the text to support your answer.   Don't worry about finishing this for Monday, but I will catch up again with your group to ensure we have all read to at least chapter four now and answered last week's question: 'How did Luke get his super powers?'

Spelling - WALK/JOG/RUN Suitcases - over half term you could start learning the next case and revising any errors.  The Run case has the full KS2 curriculum which you will be tested upon in the SATs test.  Please revise when you get chance.

Next test - to be confirmed.

Spelling Suitcase Year 6 Walk 

Spelling Suitcase Year 6 Jog

Spelling Suitcase Year 6 Run

SPAG - 2014 SATs test is on for you OR you took a hard copy.  This needs to be done by Friday of first week back.

Maths - Arithmetic Tests - any outstanding ones should be caught up on.

Keep learning your personal target areas of weakness - for many of you it is securing the long multiplication, long division strategies which are essential for Year 6 success.  Others of you have to master 10, 100, 1000 multiplying/dividing - which ALWAYS comes up on the tests.  Some of you are revising fractions rules.  

Games on active learn should help.  

Active Learn and Mathletics assigned games - new ones have been added to revise shape - which is a class weakness.  


Work on your Maths Passport targets - we will be updating these and testing in week one when we get back.

Topic -OVERDUE NOW - A personal research project - presented in any way you wish about animals who have become or are likely to become extinct.  We are looking at this over the half term and it is due 7th February