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This term we will be discussing the things that make up a healthy balanced lifestyle. In order to understand why this is important we will be digging a bit deeper into learning about the different food groups. In P.E. we will be finding out why exercise is a vital part of keeping our bodies fit and healthy.

In Year 2, the home learning will consist of:

  • Learn spellings for Friday.
  • Read at home with an adult, ideally three times a week. Each time a child reads at home this is celebrated on our class reading chart. 
  • Children can access Mathletics and Purple Mash.
  • Additional term time home challenges are listed below. 

Please see below for curriculum coverage for this term.

Many thanks

Miss Wort and the Year Two Team

November 2019



Spellings and Phonics – We will have daily phonics and spelling lessons focusing each week on a new spelling pattern.

Reading – Children will read in school weekly during a guided reading session. They will also read daily through their English lessons and begin to explore reading comprehensions.

Text – We will be spending some time reading and studying a range of texts. In writing our focus will be to ensure that children are starting to build more complex sentences and to use a range of punctuation. Writing will be stimulated through a range of fiction and non- fiction texts and children will be writing in a range of genres including recipe writing, diaries and book reviews.


Number - We will continue to work on mathematical fluency and reasoning. We will focus on the four operations. In particular, adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers and then starting to understand repeated additions and arrays for multiplication and division. We will also be using money – learning how to write money including £ signs. We will be solving problems using money.


What do Christians feel about God? We will be investigating this question through bible stories. We will also be learning about what Christmas means to Christians


For this term, PE will be on a Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure children have a tracksuit in school as the weather gets colder.


We will continue to work in a scientific way by observing and asking questions. We will be finding out the basic needs of animals for survival. We will describe the importance of exercise, hygiene and food to keep a human healthy.


We will make and evaluate our own baking and will discuss where each of the ingredients comes from

Music and Drama – The main focus this term will be the Nativity Play which will be performed in the village hall on 13th December at 1.30pm.


We will use the Learn Pads to investigate games and programming.


We will be looking at where in the world our food comes from and the impact this has on the environment.


We will be moulding and painting clay candle holders.


We will learn about Guy Fawkes and his role in History. We will also take time to think about the special significance of Remembrance.

Optional Home Learning Challenges

Adding two 2 digit numbers.

Level of challenge ** (2 star)

  1. Write each of the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 on small pieces of paper. Place the numbers face down on the table.
  2. Choose a piece of paper and write down that number. Choose another piece of paper and write down that number to make a 2 digit number.
  3. Repeat step 2 to generate a 2nd 2 digit number.
  4. Add together the 2 two digit numbers.


Adding two 2 digit numbers.

Level of challenge *** (3 star)

  1. Roll a dice, write down that number. Roll the dice a second time and write down that number to make a 2 digit number.
  2. Repeat step 1 to generate a second 2 digit number.
  3. Add the 2 two digit numbers together.

Extra challenges to think about?

What would be the highest total you could get?

What would be the lowest total you could get?

Hmmmmm!!! Cake!

Can you find a recipe for a healthy cake? If so, bring it in and we will vote which recipe to make for our parents. Parents are invited to attend a short end of topic celebration. Date and time to be confirmed, Within this time, the children will present the parents with a delicious slice of ?????? (to be decided by the Oaks’ class). Parents will be given brief challenges of sorting the food into the correct food groups and have chance to read their child’s revolting recipe!!! We do hope that you are able to join us.

Use your spellings in sentences ** (2 star challenge)

Use your spellings in sentences and extend the sentence by using a conjunction eg and, because, so, if, but, when, that, or *** (3 star challenge)

Timeline challenge

Make a timeline that shows the following events in history. *** (3 star challenge)

  • The sinking of the Titanic
  • Guy Fawkes attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament
  • The end of the 2nd World War
  • When you were born

Write out a recipe of something that you like to eat.

Make sure you use your best handwriting when doing this.

Autumn Term 1: Historical inquiry activity: Who does this suitcase belong to? What clues do we have? Children investigate clues to aid their Titanic learning.

Classroom learning.

Outside learning.

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