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The New Forest C of E Primary School and Nursery


We believe that mathematics should provide children with the skills they will need in everyday life. It is important to develop the ability to calculate, reason and problem solve. Maths also allows us to understand and appreciate relationships and patterns in number and space.

At The New Forest Primary School we aim to:

  • Promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion;
  • Present maths as fun, interesting and relevant to our everyday lives;
  • Promote confidence and competence in the children’s mathematical ability;
  • Develop the ability to solve problems through decision making and reasoning in a range of contexts;
  • Give children the confidence to approach open-ended problems without the fear of ‘getting it wrong’.

All children have the opportunity to develop and extend their understanding of number, measurement, pattern, shape and space through varied activities. Our maths curriculum is planned in accordance with the National Curriculum (2014).

Children’s progress is carefully monitored throughout the year to ensure their maths work is realistic for their abilities but challenging enough to bring progress and achievement. 

 We are continually challenging the children in maths through probing and questioning, encouraging the children to think more deeply about how they solved a problem and encouraging them to make links across their learning.

What are you doing?                      Why are you doing it?              How do you know you are correct?      

If___ = ___ what is the answer to ___= ___?         Explain your answer/working out...         Tell me more...

The school has invested in a Department of Education scheme called 'Power Maths'.  We use this as a bases to ensure that children develop a mastery of skills throughout the school

Curriculum Overview







Home Learning:

Mathletics - all children have been given a login for Mathletics. This is an interactive website allows children to build upon the skills they have developed in school. If your child has not got a login then please contact the office and they will print one off for you.