Local Sport Facilities

Nomansland Sports Recreation Ground - we use Nomansland recreation ground for sports lessons and PTA events; but there is also public access to the playing fields, the playground, skate park and free access to the tennis courts.  The brand new purpose built Clubhouse allows us to teach a wide range of curriculum lessons whilst based off-site.

Karena Weedon Tennis Coaching at Nomansland recreation ground. Karena coaches our annual tennis lessons.

Landford recreation ground -  has playing fields, basketball court and a playground.

The school links with Nomansland and Bramshaw cricket clubs via Bramshaw Cricket Club.

Maple Gymnastics Club at Landford Village Hall. School follows Lyndsey Broomfield's (of Maple Gymnastics) gymnastics scheme of work

Hamptworth Golf and Country Club  have a youth programme all year round on Saturdays.

Chelsea Football Club run an after school club on Wednesday