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The New Forest Church of England Primary School

Our School's Governing Board


Who the Governors are:

The school's Governing Board is a team of volunteers whose purpose is to help the school provide the best possible education for its pupils. The size and make-up of the Governing Board is laid down in law, and governors are appointed or elected. Governors are parents of children at the school, parents whose children have now left the school, representatives of the local churches, members of the school staff, and some are from the wider community (see the Governing Board's Instrument of Government). The current governors have very different backgrounds and experiences but they have the same desire: to help the school.

For detailed information about our governors and to view meeting documents please visit our Governor Information and  Governing Board Information pages.


Chair of Governors Mrs Carol Grant  


Mr Chris Prankerd

Mrs Pat Radcliffe

Clerk to the Governors Mrs Emma Coleman governors@thenewforestschool.wilts.sch.uk


Governing Board Membership


Foundation Governors 

Rev. David Bacon


Mrs Joyce Garnett

Dr Emma Ginns

Mrs Carol Grant

Mrs Cate Taylor

Mrs Sarah Ziegler



(Ex-Officio) Nominated Safeguarding Governor

Whistleblowing Governor

SEND Governor

Sports Premium Governor

Chair of Governors 


Early Years Governor

Staff Governors

Ms Caroline Whittaker

Miss Caroline Morland

(Ex-Officio) Head Teacher 


Parent Governors


Mrs Victoria Bleaney

Mrs Lianne Warner

Pupil Premium & Looked After Children Governor 


Local Authority Governor

Mrs Pat Radcliffe

Vice-Chair of Governors

Chair of Staffing & Curriculum Committee

Co-opted Governor


Associate Members 

Mr Chris Prankerd


Mr Ian Jones

Mr Peter Radcliffe

Mrs Sue Rogers

Vice-Chair of Governors


Chair of Resources Committee

Vice-Chair of Resources Committee
































What the Governors do:

The Governing Board has the responsibility for the general management of the school whilst the Head Teacher, who is also a governor, makes the day-to-day decisions about the running of the school. Governors are responsible for setting and approving the budget, for overseeing the curriculum and for the employment of staff. They adopt policies, recruit new teachers, conduct classroom visits, review the School Improvement Action Plan, address building issues and deal with formal complaints. It is an important and, at times, challenging but rewarding role.


Being a Governor:

Each governor is elected or appointed for a four-year term and during this time he or she will normally take a special interest in one area of the curriculum, plus sit on one of two committees within the Governing Board: Staffing & Curriculum; or Resources. The Governing Board also has a Strategy Committee which is made up of the Chair and Vice-chair of Governors, the Head Teacher, and the Chairs and Vice-chairs of the Resources and Staffing & Curriculum Committees. Governors must be willing to prepare for and attend one full governing board and one committee meeting each term. Governors are also expected to visit school during the school day so that they can get to know the staff and pupils, plus gain a good understanding of what is happening in the school as a whole.


You can contact the governors by:

Letter:  Clerk to the Governors, The New Forest Primary School, School Road, Nomansland, Salisbury, Wiltshire. SP5 2BY

Alternatively you can pass your letter to one of our admin staff in the school offices during school hours.

Email:   governors@thenewforestschool.wilts.sch.uk


If you would prefer an informal chat, Parent Governors can often be found in school at the beginning and end of each school day.


Our Governor Zone is a restricted access area containing information for use by members of our Governing Board.