KS1 - Lyndhurst Road, Landford, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 2AE - KS2 - School Road, Nomansland, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 2BY


The New Forest Church of England Primary School

Our School's Governing Body

The New Forest Primary School has a Local Governing Body (LGB) which provides focused governance.  The Chair of the Local Governing Body is Mr Chris Prankerd who can be contacted via Mrs Emma Coleman, Clerk to the Governors at governors@thenewforestschool.wilts.sch.uk

The Local Governing Body is a constituent part of the wider governance structure of the Magna Learning Partnership. For more information about the governance of the Magna Learning Partnership please click here.  

The Magna Learning Partnership Scheme of Delegation can be viewed here.

For detailed information about our governors and to view meeting documents please visit our Governor Information and  Governing Body Information pages.


Chair of Local Governing Body Mr Christopher Prankerd
Vice-Chairs Dr Emma Ginns
Mrs Lianne Warner
Clerk to the Governors Mrs Emma Coleman governors@thenewforestschool.wilts.sch.uk
Local Governing Body Membership

Foundation Governors


Mrs Joyce Garnett


SEND Governor

Early Years Governor

Dr Emma Ginns Vice-Chair of Local Governing Body
Nominated Safeguarding Governor
Sports Premium Governor

Mr Julian Radcliffe

Mrs Cate Taylor

Mrs Lianne Warner

Vice-Chair of Local Governing Body

Parent Governors Mrs Victoria Bleaney Disadvantaged Pupils Governor 
Mr Philip Smallman
Trust Appointed Governors Mr Chris Prankerd Chair of Local Governing Body
Mrs Pat Radcliffe
Mrs Caroline Whittaker Head Teacher
Associate Governor Mr Ian Jones