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The New Forest C of E Primary School and Nursery





At The New Forest C. of E. Primary School, we are passionate about ensuring all children become confident, enthusiastic readers and writers. We believe that phonics provides the foundations of learning to make the development into fluent reading and writing easier. Through daily, systematic and consistent high-quality phonics teaching, children learn to segment words to support their spelling ability and blend sounds to read words. We believe that teaching children to read and write independently is one of the core purposes of a primary school enabling them to access a broad and exciting curriculum and ensuring they flourish as learners throughout their time at our school. These fundamental skills not only hold the keys to the rest of the curriculum but also have a huge impact on children’s self-esteem and future life chances.




Alongside phonic sounds, we also teach tricky words that are not phonetically plausible at KS1. If children continue to need support in their phonics learning at KS2 we use precision teaching or 5-minute box interventions to support their learning. At KS2 we continue to teach phonics to support spelling and reading.



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6


Phonological Awareness


s,a,t,p,I,n,g,o,c,k ck,e,u,r,


h b f ff l ll, j v w x

no so to do into has his the, he be me we was her

y z zz qu, sh ch th ng

my by you are all

she put push pull full they of

ai ee igh oa, oo oo ar or er ow oair ear ure i nk


Revise all tricky words

Review and revise all graphemes


Reading and spelling CVC, CVCC and CCVC, CCVCC, CCCVC and CCCVCC words


Some, come, love, have, here, there, were, out, house, one, once, what, when, said, ask, little, like

Review and revise all graphemes



Poly-Syllabic words, alphabet, upper and lower case letters

Year 1

Ai, ay, a-e,

Ee, ea, e-e

Igh, ie, i-e

Oa, ow, o-e


Again, people, friend, your, our, oh, asked

Oo, ew, u-e,

oi and oy

or aw and au

er ur and ir


school, where, their, Mr, Mrs


ow and ou

wh and ph

air are and ere

ear eer and ere


please, because, any, many, want, water, great, break, who, whole


Revise and review all new grapheme




Revise and review all new grapheme




Poly-syllabic words


 Move, prove, door, poor, floor

Revise and review all new grapheme


Compound words, plurals, verb endings


Phonics screening test


Eye, shoe, hour, half, parents, busy, pretty, beautiful,

Year 2

Review and assess Year 1 sounds and tricky words


ey y ie (making the /ee/ sound)

s se ce (making the /s/ sound)

ge dge g


Reading and spelling


oh again Mr Mrs people friend school asked your our where their

kn gn nn (making the /n/ sound)

le el al (making the /l/ sound)

a ar ore (making the /or/ sound)


Reading and spelling


please because any many want water great break who whole


·        s ti ci (making the /sh/ sound)

·        wr (r)

·        o (u) a (o) or (er)


Reading and spelling


move prove door poor floor eye shoe hour half parents busy pretty beautiful

Revise and review all new grapheme



Suffixes –ed, –ing, –er, –est and -y



Poly-syllabic words


Continue to read and spell tricky words

Adding –es to nouns and verbs ending in y



Suffixes –ment, -ness, -ful, - less and -ly Week 17

Revise and review all new grapheme





 Our scheme of work is ' Song of Sounds' 



Teachers measure the impact of the curriculum through formative and summative assessment. From this assessment teachers will adapt and change their planning according to the needs of all of the children. Subject leaders will also measure the impact of the curriculum through learning walks, pupil voice and teacher surveys. Individual pupil data, in accordance with objectives within the National Curriculum, is collected and analysed three times a year. This data is recorded on the school’s electronic data base (INSIGHT) to monitor attainment and progress.


'Song of sounds.'  Parent guide.