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The New Forest C of E Primary School and Nursery

On yer bike!!!!


This page has been prepared by Evie and Miles in Year 6 following  Bikeability training with Your Sports Education.

Do you bike to school?

Follow our top tips to safety.....

Before you ride on the roads - Prepare Yourself!

Prepare Yourself:

  1. safe shoes -no flip flops-tie your laces
  2. tight trousers- or tuck baggy clothes into your socks
  3. zip jackets/tops up
  4. consider wearing a high visibility jacket. Always let yourself be seen in light colours
  5. make sure your helmet fits your head firmly

you should only be able to fit two fingers under the strap. Make sure your strap sits under your ear lobes.

Check your bike:

  1. Check your tires-give them a squeeze
  2. check your bolt on the front and back tires
  3. Check your breaks-right is front break left is back wheel
  4. spin your pedals and make sure they make a clicking noise
  5. make sure your seat  doesn't move about
  6. make sure your  saddle goes up to your hip